Wednesday 19 November 2008

Smart State, Dumb Government

The Smart State, Dumb Government slogan is catching on around Cairns.
In the last week I've received two photos emailed from CairnsBlog readers.
Former Premier Beattie's 'Smart State' slogan is now being used against a government that has lost touch with the people.
When the slogan was introduced as an option on vehicle registration plates seven years ago, only 14% of motorists chose to have their car sport the arrogant proclamation. However 5% of the 'Smart State' lines are on government-owned vehicles, whereas a whopping 86% opted for the 'Sunshine State' rego plates.
When Beattie decided to abolish the 'Sunshine State' wording for his 'Smart State', there was such a outcry it was overturned.
Now people are sporting the 'Smart State, Dumb Government' stickers all across the far north of Queensland.
You can now click the logo above and print out your own!


Al said...

Smart State or Sunshine State ... it's an optional choice. I think the hope was that we'd be at least half smart. Seems not.

Anonymous said...

Two photo's Michael, hardly catching on, lift your game Michael, you are becoming as bad as mckenzie.

Anonymous said...

The recent and sudden demise of the Northern Area Health Service (NAHS) part of Queensland Health is a good example of dumb QLD.

The New DG had to make his mark so decided to axe this dept (rightly or wrongly).
Its the way it was done, that angers most, especially those that lost jobs or have been transferred to jobs that offer little interest or skill needs.

A new Qld Health Initiative in recent years has been strategic planning at all levels and that is a good thing. So there are department business plans, unit business plans and organisational business plans, and Queensland stratgic health plans, yet when this decision was made, there was no plan in sight, leaving morale at an all time low, even for those least affected.

Good on ya QLD Health and add this stuff up to the continuing harrassement and bullying of staff and poor management performance, no wonder, Cairns Base is in a mess and not coping.