Friday 28 November 2008

Dying for a change

You have to have a giggle, when you see a statement from the Council saying that that a cemetery will be the focus of energy efficiency.

It's media spin at it best.

"The Mossman Cemetery will receive an $80,000 facelift with a new storage and facilities block," Cairns Regional Council announced.

Evidently the 48 year old old storage shed is in need of a scrub up. This building keeps the lawn mower.

So the story was all about how cool the new building would be, with the addition of a 'wide veranda'. "This will maintain cooler interior temperatures for maximum energy efficiency," Council announced.

I don't think the current residents will be hanging out for the new renovations.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Michael, have you made this one up? Wait till next April till you make a fake story up like this. By the way, we loved your April Fool's joke this year. Keep it up mate!