Wednesday 14 January 2009

Our own Tobruk gardens

Now you have to be kidding.
A CairnsBlog reader sent in this pic yesterday.
A sign has appeared in the last few weeks at the North end of Lake Street, across from Cairns Regional Council's Tobruk Swimming Pool.
'Tobruk Gardens' that sign claims, that adorns a large empty field at the very northern end of the Esplanade's infamous mozzie-ridden mangroves.
'Open to the Public from 5am to 10pm ONLY' the sign states. Yet there's no fence, gate, and certainly no gardens!
Now I don't know about any 'garden', but there's nothing on the Council website that refers to Tobruk Gardens. A quick drive by will show that there's nothing there that resembles that description.
Can anyone shed some light on this latest addition to our city beautification programme? Are these a new invisible species of plants? Is this simply another Council waste of time and resources putting up signs to use up it's monthly budget?
This all seems rather odd, when nearly a year on, they still have the wrong Council name displayed outside their Spence Street offices.


Anonymous said...

These gardens are a beautiful example of swampy, sodden grass-lands, complete with sandflies. What could be better than that?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I can shed some light on the "gardens". These “gardens” are indeed the Tobruk Memorial Gardens as listed on the Council Maps. I suspect the “gardens” were named around the time the Tobruk Memorial Baths were opened 24th March 1962. Members of the "Rats of Tobruk" raised money to establish the baths as a World War II Memorial and donated the baths to the people of Cairns. I am still following up more detailed history and will keep you informed.
Cr Diane Forsyth, Cairns Regional Council, Division 7

Anonymous said...

I think I read something about this in Alan Hudson's book, "Growing Up In Cairns". I'll have a look back through the book to find out more about the Gardens.