Tuesday 20 January 2009

Meteors droppping out of the sky

Not The Cairns Post spotted a beauty in Cairns Post's visitors' guide.
They highlight a story in the current January edition (you can find these all around the town, and at all good KFC's). It's an easy-to-read advertorial.
The anonymous writer talks about the crater lakes on the Atherton Tablelands, which are of course remnants from our region's violent volcanic past, around 190,000 years ago. The Undara explosions generated massive lava flows onto the Tablelands. Anyone knows that who's read the 101 about our history.
However, the Cairns Post thinks that the lakes of the Tablelands (Tourism Queensland now calls it the 'Cairns Highlands', which I cringe at), Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine were formed by "meteors dropping out of the sky thousands of years ago." !!
Is George W Bush's speech-writer on their team? I mean, he's been looking for a job over the last few months.
All the lakes on the Southern Atherton Tablelands are volcanic craters and were formed thousands of years ago, but not by Chicken Little's belief of something falling out of the sky.

Where do they get this trash from? I mean to say. Talk about funny. Good spotting Not The Cairns Post!

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