Saturday 17 January 2009

World Freedom Report 2009

Freedom House has released its 2009 freedom report.

Some extracts:
  • Only 46% of 193 countries are free, 32% are partly free and 22% not free
  • 2.28 billion people live in not free countries
  • 20 years ago 41% of countries were not free
  • In the Americas there is only one not free country (Cuba)
  • In Asia-Pacific 41% are free, 38% partly free and 21% not free
  • In central and eastern Europe, 46% free, 29% partly free and 25% not free
  • Middle East/North Africa has only 1 free country (Israel), 6 partly free countries and 11 not free countries
  • Sub-Sahara Africa is 21% free, 48% partly free and 31% not free
  • Western Europe has 24 free countries and a partly free country
  • There are 119 electoral democracies in the world, down from a high of 123
  • In recent years there has been a small decline in both free and not free countries, with a growth in partly free countries.

Hat Tip: KiwiBlog


Anonymous said...

This is complete bullshit.

Australia is listed as "free". We're only partly free at best.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the outlaw. And don't tell me its a matter of degree. When it is illegal to strike, when your internet is being state censored or when you face criminal prosecution for opposing the Govt - then people, that's not freedom...but we're working on it eh?

Anonymous said...

Until we are prohibited from posting to the Blog, cannot voice our opinion, are told where we can live and work, have our passports taken off us, are not allowed to vote, we are free. Crash, if you don't like the conditions at your place of work then you have the right to leave. You are not forced to work in conditions that don't suit you.

Anonymous said...

"unitl we are prohibited..." Jude, copy and paste this into your browser..
Scary eh?

KitchenSlut said...

Well Crash, while I agree with the concerns about the internet filtering laws and support objections it doesn't fall into the category of 'scarey' i'm sorry.

Not half as scarey as those of us old enough with previous experience of unfettered union strike powers, assisted by undemocratic intimidation, who were threatened with unemployment unless we contributed funds to favoured political parties.

Personally I have always thought of myself as 'free' but perhaps that is more a state of mind than a legal phenomenon?

Perhaps also anyone genuinely interested in freedom, rights, and the media in Australia should look at our more restrictive defamation laws although this may be too nuanced for many? Something Cairnsblog may know something about?

Anonymous said...

Unrestricted, by which of course you mean free?. The decision to restrict (or limit the rights of others by the implementation of law) is one that should be taken with the utmost care. I don’t believe that it is.

Whilst I have no recollection of being bullied into supporting any political party (except by virtue of making it illegal not to register and vote!). I do know that from the stand at the eureka hotel through the industrial strikes of the 30’s many people have had to give much and face grave opposition to ensure that I get a fair shake. What would they think now?

So nuances, subtleties and personal innuendos aside, I am genuinely scared that the continual erosion of civil liberties under the guise of sate “protection” is one that should not be tolerated and should be questioned…even by the likes of me.

KitchenSlut said...

Crash your rhetoric of the 30's is just typical delusion. Trust me have heard the old 'we fought for it' line before however it isnt backed by any substantial empirical research evidence?


The fund was to support ex NSW premier Bob Carr. He was elected. Now regarded as the biggest failure in the nation and resposible for the debacle that is now NSW.

You should also not take power sttructures for granted. While I was personally spared I am aware of entrants to the mining industry who were subject to intimidation such as group masturbation from mine CFMEU officials.

This shouldn't be a surprise as the power structure and capability to abuse power was not that different from the Catholic Church?

KitchenSlut said...

Note: Groups were not forced to masturbate. Young men were fondled by CFMEU officials in initiation rituals.

KitchenSlut said...

I will rest my case and leave judgement to others!

You would appear to accept that bastardry and abuse is acceptable provided its in your cause?

How sad.