Tuesday 20 January 2009

167 dengue cases in Cairns now

Cairns is in the lead. Yay!

In this case, it's not really worth shouting about though. This 'win' is worse than the Cairns Taipans after a drunken night out with Catalini.

Cairns now has 167 recorded cases of the mosquito-born Dengue virus. Dengue fever is an acute febrile disease, caused by four closely related virus stereotypes and is similar to malaria. A friend of mine was infected a couple of years ago, and although a rather healthy and fit guy, it knocked him out for around two weeks.

Gavin Broomhead from the Tropical Population Health Services at Queensland Health said that since the beginning of December, the following Cairns suburbs have been affected with type 3 Dengue:
  • Aloomba, Bungalow, Cairns North, Clifton Beach, Edge Hill, Kanimbla, Kewarra Beach, Machans Beach, Manunda, Parramatta Park, Stratford, Whitfield. (Yay, not Yorkeys!).

In Townsville there have only been 9 cases recorded since the first outbreak on 5 January. These were in Belgian Gardens and North Ward.

Cairns Regional Council's threat to fine residents up to $400 if they don't clean up mosquito breeding areas, appears not to be having much effect. I dunno if they've been peering over back fences, hunting for out pots and containers harboring stagnant water, it all seems a bit big brother to me.

The Cairns Blood Donor Centre is currently banned from using red cells from whole blood donations. This means that any blood required for surgery from Cardwell to the top of Cape York, has to be bought up from Brisbane or inter-State. So if you're a donor, your red cells are of little use at the moment, but they will use your plasma, extracted from the donation. That's why, during Dengue outbreaks, plasma donors are very much sought after.

If you are feeling drowsy, faint, weak, and nauseous, have severe headaches, then you're either a member of the Queensland Labor party or may have early signs of Dengue. Either way, I'd recomend you see a doctor.


Georgia said...

Big brother or have a whole city suffering from dengue - and everybody will scream 'why isnt the council doing something to stop it?'

Better to act now and invade a few backyards for the good of the whole city.

Sounds to me like you have one of the messy backyards that were reported and you are trying to keep it a secret - stop spending so much time on your blog and get out there and clear it up - lets see a photo of your backyard!

Anonymous said...

Georgia - I don't have a messy back yard and I keep it clear of dengue fever hazards but for security reasons I have it locked.
I would resent anyone coming on to my property unannounced for what ever reason without the courtesy of notifying me first. My job requires me to have criminal checks done on my background. I have issues with the background of these 'officials' as well as the legal aspect of any injuries sustained on my property while I am not there.
Yes it is a big brother mentality because it treats locals as stupid fools who can't be responsible for their own actions.

Anonymous said...

wELL SAID mARK. iF i FIND anyone JUMPING my fence into my backyard without MY permission, they will get the wrath from me.

How dare they think they can invoke some law that overrides the proprty-owner's rights.


John, Kuranda said...

Luckily I live in a place where it is all downhill for the water - and hardly a mozzie around. But as one who in another life (Darwin) has had Ross River, I can sympathize with with those ending up with dengue.

To Mark, I do understand your concerns about property violations, but in saying "treats locals as stupid fools who cannot be responsible for their own actions"; whilst this is admirable in principle, the reality is that the dengue carrying mozzie does not care a fig for boundary lines. You may have cleared your block of stagnant water, but if you were infected, I reckon you would be pretty pissed off if the breeding ground was discovered to be next door.

Unfortunately there are some who will not heed the call to clean up their back yards - regrettable but true.

Anonymous said...

I have advised the Council and the Tropical Health Department,about a nearby property that needs cleaning
up as it is a dengue fever risk.The
Council said it is to busy to check it out,they suggested I contact Tropical Health,who in turn said it is Council responsibility!!What does one have to do.