Tuesday 13 January 2009

Mansfield Street in a mess again

Roy Lavis' driveway is again in strife. This time during the flooding yesterday.
The Mansfield Street Action Group, who are campaigning against CEC owner Roy Lavis' application to sub-divide his massive chunk of land on the hills above Earlville. I reported about this odd application late last year.
During Monday's flooding around the region, the access road to the Lavis property became an accelerating water chute, causing tons of water, mud and debris to wash out into Mansfield street and into the storm water drains.

During yesterday's heavy rain, large amounts of topsoil and red sediment washed down Mansfield Street, and into Chinaman's Creek. As the rest of Cairns was inundated, the torrential rain caused havoc on the Lavis property. Once into Mansfield Street the silt then ran down the gutters and into the storm water drains, ending up in Chinaman's Creek.

"As we had no access to the property, we can only assume it came from the bottom straight stretch of roadway," local resident John Martin says. "However, it was very heavily contaminated with red silt which seems to have come from erosion of the unretained walls of the cuttings and from the road pushed through from the main property to an adjoining one owned by a member of the Lavis Family."

The roadway further up the hill runs down to Chinaman's Creek and there is no conceivable way a similar deluge would not have happened into the creek at higher level.

If the development goes through, John Martin says, which consists of a new house, an extension of the roadway up to the new house, and any bared ground in the future, will be similarly eroded. "That will all contribute to further erosion and more water running down the road way and down the slopes into the rain forest, creek and street," John says.
The decision for Lavis' application will be made at the February 11th Council meeting. It's highly likely that Council will refuse this application.

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