Friday 9 January 2009

Great Firewall Report

Cairns resident and IT nerd, Henry Poyntz over at The Blarg of Fosnez highlights today's Crikey where there's an interesting report by the Brooklyn Law School doing a report on Australia's Clean Feed Filter (read Great Firewall).

Henry says that the Report, titled Filtering in Oz: Australia's Foray into Internet Censorship, is one of the first reports by a neutral foreign school to explore the subject. I do like this quote from the report:
  • [Australia] "will likely become the first Western democracy to block access to on-line material through legislative mandate."

"As I have said before, it is Very VERY Easy to just bypass these types of filters anyway," says Henry.

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Anonymous said...

Senator Conroy already knows he is pushing butter up a Porcupines arse with a red hot knitting needle. But like most polies, he will not back down even if it means killing off the advantages Rudd has gained and with the promises of a high speed internet. Free Computers for schools and not for profit organizations. Conroy is a loser, a wowser and a typical closed shop dick head.

Rob Williams