Tuesday 13 January 2009

Cairns Council on Facebook

No here's an innovative and clever way to get some input from the residents, even non-ratepayers.
Across the ditch, Wellington City Council has set up a Facebook group, where Wellingtonians can discuss what they want for their city. This is to gather ideas for consideration in their ten year Long Term Council Community Plan. Every three years, Wellington prepares a long-term plan outlining all of its intended activities over the following three years.
"By documenting how rates will be spent over this period, it also creates an opportunity to forecast what Wellington should be like in 10 years, and how to get there," Council says.
You can read the full plan for detailed policy or go to the Facebook group and make random comments. It's a good example of easy community outreach.
Meanwhile, unlike London's famous Trafalgar Square pigeons, the Save the Pigeons in the Wellington CBD Facebook group, only has 6 members. This follows a decision to cull pigeons in the city because of their intimidating behaviour towards lunchtime diners.
The public health manager has stated that due to visitors feeding these birds and leaving rubbish that in turn the pigeons are becoming more desperate, aggressive and creating a health risk with their poo. I don't know about you but I've never been attacked by a rogue pigeon and find the typical human mess much more disgusting than what a
How about Cairns Regional Council start this up? It would only take a few minutes and with zillions of people using it, would be a great way to gather comments, especially from a younger demographic.
I dare them to do it. I bet you Councillor Kirsten could make this one happen.
Hat Tip: KiwiBlog


Anonymous said...

Councillor Kirsten is just another ring-in Labor hack like useless Jason O'Brien.

And just like him, she couldn't organise a root in a brothel.

Anonymous said...

Useless Jason O'Bryan and Couldn't organise a root in a brothel Kirsten, use there full names, can be contacted by phone, mail, or in person by making an appointment.

I love The Cairns Blog. It's a truly valuable asset for Cairns.

It's an open and generaly uncensored forum, that gives anyone an opportunity to express an opinion on just about any subject relevent to cairns.(and sometime not relevant)

You just can't get this anywhere else in Cairns.

It's priceless, and anarchistic in the best sense of the word.

It saddens me to see the open nature of this forum being abused.

In my view, to use this forum for character assassination, is one of the worst of abuses, and not giving your full name compounds it by being cowardly.

Principles before personalities.

If you don't agree with an opinion, respond and give your own, but stick to the subject. Act like adults and not like name calling children.

Unless you are a Whistle Blower, and face possible serious consiquences for exposing wrong doing, why not use your full name?

Agree with them or not, I notice the people that give their full names, are usualy people who act on what they believe in, and not just talk.

Tyson, ring up and make an appointments with Kirsten and Jason, and tell them what you really think of them, face to face.

Terry Spackman

Anonymous said...


At the risk of being childish, I'm not even going to bother responding to your self righteous crap other than to say that what I do, or do not, post is my business and you will have no say regarding it whatsoever.

I have, and will again, tell both of them my opinions of them face to face.

You, however, I wouldn't waste my time with.

Get off your high horse, and attend some spelling and grammar classes.

Thanks, and stick it.

Unknown said...

Councillor Kirsten has been most helpful in resolving some traffic issues in my street, is very approachable and seems very organised, so I don't know what sort of personal experience your statement is based on. Telling people to "stick it" is not a very intelligent form of debate and as for grammar lessons, I think you could use some yourself.

Matt Crozier said...

Lots of Councils in NSW, MPs, a State Minister and now Wellington Council are using a tool called Bang the Table to consult their communities. This is an independently moderated site that specialises in engaging communities online. www.bangthetable.com there is also a blog at www.onlinecommunityengagement.com