Friday 2 January 2009

CairnsBlog cartoon by Circusmouse


Anonymous said...

What's the go with Val and Leu? I thought Val would rather see Flakey Blakey or Sno hit by lightening or a missile.

Anonymous said...

Sno Bonneau.

Now there's a worthless cipher.

Sno Bonneau is the first and only Australian to ever fail at running a news agency.

Anonymous said...

Very funny!

Although, and i am providing constructive criticism here, it would have been better for Val to be referred to as mien fuhrer and to say "Schizer" in the last frame.

Just thought I'd say :-)

Anonymous said...

Come back Henry - we miss you!
CRC Staff Association

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm with Steven above - I reckon Julia is almost Val's last problem, in a personality sense.