Thursday 3 April 2008

Cairns Regional Councillors

Your new Cairns Regional Council councillors..

Division 1

PO Box 56, Gordonvale, QLD 4865

Tel 4044 3071
Home 4056 2081
Mobile 0427 755 141 ~ Website

Voters 8,818
Hi-Res detailed or Low-Res
Bramston Beach, Mulgrave River (on the west), Gordonvale, Pine Creek Road

Division 2
Cr Nancy Lanskey

68 Thomson Road, Edmonton QLD 4869

Tel 4055 4634
Mobile 0408 782 479 ~ Website

Voters 8,167
MAP Hi-Res detailed or Lo-res
Collinson Creek in the south, Skeleton Creek in the north. Eastward to include the old Queerah site (now industry) and East Edmonton residential area. To the west, it encircles residential subdivisions as far as the Isley Hills.

Division 3
Cr Robert Pyne

8 Amazon Close, Mount Sheridan QLD 4868

Tel 4036 3360
Mobile 0438 360 376 or ~ Council website ~ Personal website

Voters 8,241
MAP Hi-Res or Lo-Res
Mt Sheridan, Anderson Road, Forest Gardens, boarders at Toogood Rd

Division 4

Cr Kirsten Lesina
Cairns 1st

PO Box 755 Earlville, QLD 4870

Mobile 0437 029 293 ~ Council website ~ Personal website

Voters 9,180
MAP Hi-Res or Lo-Res
Woree, boarders Lake Morris Road / Toogood / Irene / Reservoir Roads. Mulgrave Road to McCoombe

Division 5
Cr Alan Blake

PO Box 705, Edge Hill, QLD 4870
Tel 4051 1171
Mobile 0414 708 529 ~ Website

Voters 8,943
MAP Hi-Res or Lo-Res
CBD, north to Grove / Gatton Sts, Lower Moorobool, Portsmith
Division 6
Cr Linda Cooper

Mobile 0419 656 995 ~ Party Website, Council website

Voters 8,424
MAP Hi-Res or Lo-Res
Lake Morris Road to lake, Redlynch Valley, Barron River Gorge, Brinsmead / Kamerunga Roads / McManus Street, Whitfield


Division 7

Cr Diane Forsyth
Cairns 1st

114 Woodward Street, Edge Hill, QLD 4870

Mobile 0400 880 130 ~ Party website, Council Website

Voters 8,466
MAP Hi-Res or Lo-Res
Edgehill (south of Woodward St), North Cairns, Manunda (East of McManus St), Paramatta Park. Manoora: Boundary -->Reservoir Road, Hoare Street, Gatton Street, Grove Street, Esplanade

Division 8
Cr Margaret Cochrane
Independent ~ Deputy Mayor

23 Village Terrace, Redlynch, QLD 4870

Tel 4044 3080
Home 4039 0928
Mobile 0419 706 372 ~ Website

Voters 8,754
Hi-Res or Lo-Res
Machans, Holloways, Yorkeys, Freshwater, Edgehill (north of Woodward)

Division 9
Cr Sno Bonneau

7 Saxon Street, Clifton Beach, QLD 4879

Tel 4055 3608
Mobile 0412 653 413 ~ Council website ~ Personal website

Voters 8,739
MAP Hi-Res or Lo-Res
Lake Placid, Smithfield, Caravonica, Trinity Beach, Trinity Park, Kewarra

Division 10

Cr Julia Leu

PO Box 800, Mossman, QLD 4873

Mobile 0488 987 066 ~ Council website ~ Personal website

Voters 8,973
MAP Hi-Res or Lo-Res
Clifton Beach, Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Mossman, north to Cape Trib and Bloomfield River

Cr Val Schier
Cairns 1st

PO Box 2, Machans Beach, QLD 4878

Tel 4044 3044
Mobile 0407 100 886 ~ Council website ~ Personal website


Anonymous said...

I'n always leery of people who claim to be politically "independent". These are people who are unable to shape their beliefs and values into any sort of framework. Hence, they blow with the prevailing wind, from left to right and back again without any understanding or ownership of the larger consequences. They like to delude themselves that they "claim the middle ground" ignoring the realities that the Iraq War, the Japanese whaling issue etc have no "middle ground". You either have a conscience and a belief and values system, or you don't.
It is unlikey, for example, these people had any understanding on the real issue involved in the last Federal Election.

Anonymous said...

There is an awful lot of flack around town from the huge pay rise this Council have voted themselves.
I have already been hearing from people how "the Labor Council have all voted themselves a huge pay....". Isn't it absolutely bloody marvellous...there are only 3 Councillors who are members of the ALP amongst all the "independents" yet suddenly it is an "ALP Council".

Janine Aitken said...

Wasn’t the pay rise part of the larger overall operating budget? By not passing the budget wouldn’t that mean no running costs such as pay for council workers? Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the budget already done and this lot just voted on it and didn’t actually have input in it? As for the Independents .... Didn’t I see Alan Blake handing out for Dear Charlie in the federal election; it would seem they are not all as Independent as they would have us believe.

Anonymous said...

This entry concerns the Councillors Code of Conduct and I make the following observations.

1. I understand that the stipend paid to Councillors is for fulltime occupation.

2. Is Cr Blake a fulltime or a part time Councillor?

3. I understand that Cr Blake retains a financial interest/owns outright a Furniture Business in the Portsmith suburb.

4. Has Councillor Blake disclosed this in the Register of Interest?

5. If he retains an interest in the Furniture Business I believe he will have to remove himself from the Chambers whenever any discussion pertains to Units, Hotels, Resorts proposals as each has the potential to buy furniture.

6. In the event of the above questions not be satisfactorily anwered should the Cairns Regional Council refer the matter to the Criminal Justice Commission for their investigation.

7. I believe that until these matters are resolved to the satisfaction of the CJC then Cr Blake should exclude himself from any Council deliberations.

Come on Cr Blake how about providing the readers/residents of Cairns some clear cut answers.

Anonymous said...

exactly scintilla!, blake & other councillors are not full time at all! - they indeed have other irons in the fire! Look at Cr Paul Gregpry, he has a few jobs besides his "full-time" councillor role!
Also these Councillors who say they need $100,000pa because they work so hard - welcome to reality!!! Everyone with a fulltime job works really hard! Mind you we who work full-time have to pay are own working costs - transport, uniforms, lunch etc, whereas Couuncillors have these expenses paid for them.
Val Schier stated publicly in the media a few times that the CRC Councillor pay rise was a matter for an independent tribunal to decide and not Council - another Schierism! like the rates won't rise - minus the CPI qualification.
Schier is such a friggin Tasmanian!!!!

Anonymous said...


1. They are paid for workload based on the Council size. I won’t buy into $s being justified or not.

2. Not relevant. Fulltime/Parttime a Councillor is bound by legislation regardless.

3. No problem with that at all

4. Has any other Councillor…No and fair enough they have until 3 months from the Statutory Meeting.

5. Arh No??. By that definition a Councillor who owns a house would have to declare an interest and leave every meeting because what if they made a decision that impacted house prices. See Material Personal Interest

6. FYI the CJC hasn’t existed since 2002. CMC is what you are after and no they tend to disregard baseless complaints.

7. See answers 5 and 6.

Anonymous said...

The Anonymous response to my questions is inadequate, preposterous and cavalier in tone.

I am sure I speak for all here. What the readers want to know is where is Councillor Blake. We did not elect Anonymous to represent us in Council. We elected Cr Alan Blake to represent us. He must answer!

It is typical of his style of dismissive representation and 'I know best what is good for you and me'.

I have raised serious observations that reflect on his core values, the spirit of the Council's Code of Conduct and the very process itself. All that Cr Blake can offer us is to hide behind Anonymous.

Cr Blake this is not good enough. Please do not abuse the spirit of the Local Government Act. You not only must uphold the letter of the law but also its unwritten intent.

I request on behalf of other readers the following.

1. That Cr Blake in person address my queries,

2. That Cr Blake lodge without delay his Declaration as to the Register of Interest and not wait the 3 months as required by the Act,

3. That Cr Blake in his response quotes to us the Section in the Material Personal Interest that he relies on to absolve his obligations to divest his interest (if any ) in the Portsmith furniture business and his ability to carry on as a Councillor,

4. That he stands down from his position as Chairperson of the Finance and Administration Committee until such time as this matter is addressed satisfactorily,

5. That the CEO of Cairns Regional Council take an interest in this matter.

Finally I believe that Cr Blake should abstain from any Council deliberation until this matter is cleared.

Anonymous said...

That's odd - didn't Linda Cooper run with the Cairns Unity team? Yet now she lists herself as "Independent"...

Anonymous said...

hey mandy moo," you doth protest to much " my dear...its ok to hold his candle but in doing so be careful otherwise you too will get your fingers burnt. Cr Blake is a naughty boy and he knows it notwithstanding the spin he puts on his toys.

If no satisfactory answers are forth coming this matter will be referred to the relevant authorities for appropriate investigation.

His future is entirely in his hands!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, "Coops" Cooper ran with the Unity Team and their dough. Coo, ta very much! Once the Unity Team were booted up the arse, "Coops" sqwarked and flew the Coop.

Anonymous said...


And who are you planning to ruin next?

Is it a quest of yours?

What did he do to you?

Who are you anyway, whats your occupation, marital status and why were you late putting your tax return in the year before last?

Who was that young thing you were eyeing off last week and what about that time you cheated on your partner?

I could go on and on!!

People in glass houses........

Anonymous said...

Mandy "moo" to much. By your tone of questioning it is obvious you are at a loss as to who I am etc.

You cast your net hoping to catch a fish or two. Your scattergun approach is doing you no good and will not distract me or the readers from the Councillor's Code of Conduct and any breach thereof.

Your response is in the defence manual and is predictable. It is indicative of a psychological mindset.

Mandy you need to concentrate on the issues and not attack the whistle blower. I am not in public office with the potential to abuse the system.

My observation of Cr Blake are not personal and never will be. But they do question his probity and mode of representation.

Finally, yes my questioning of ex Cr Deirdie Ford and her alleged abuse of her council position did assist in her defeat.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there should be an investigation as to how Cr Blake secured the furniture contract with The Grove Hotel when it had been awarded to another supplier. Something to do with "assisting in obtaining a liquor licence that could prove difficult to obtain without the furniture contract" Now the previous owners have sold out they might be willing to tell all!

Anonymous said...

scintilla, ie, a sparkle or trace..

good to see you're living up to your name. You rant and rave without a sparkle or trace of real evidence, claiming to be somewhat of a crusader on all things anti-blake.

Good luck on your journey, albeit a short and uneventful one.