Thursday 10 April 2008

Wild about Wilders

Radical right-wing Dutch Party for Freedom politician, Geert Wilders, is causing a huge stir with the release of his latest 15 minute film, Fitna. Many countries and religious organisations are calling for it to be banned.
Wilders favors the restriction of immigration to the Netherlands, particularly from non-Western countries. His movie Fitna offers his view on Islam and the Koran. As self-proclaimed defender of free speech and a staunch critic of Islam, he has sought to ban the Koran in the Netherlands because he believes it to be in conflict with Dutch law.
He's likening the Koran to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.
"Take a walk down the street and see where this is going. You no longer feel like you are living in your own country. There is a battle going on and we have to defend ourselves," says Wilders. "Before you know it there will be more mosques than churches!"
He says if Muslims want to stay in the Netherlands, they should tear out half the Koran and throw it away. Geert Wilders says the holy book of Islam contains plenty of terrible things and that Islam is a violent religion.
"If Mohammed lived here today, I would propose he be tarred and feathered as an extremist and driven out of the country," he said.
Wilders says that Islam is the "greatest danger threatening us." He says that other political parties avoid this topic. "Everything we are proud of, we are selling to the devil."
"It's not the aim of the movie [to upset] but people might be offended, I know that. So, what the hell? It's their problem, not my problem," he says.
Here's Geert Wilders on BBC's Hardtalk in 2006. This is in Real Media format.
He attracted huge political backing for his ban on the burqa - which covers most of the body.
Fitna, appears to have had everyone holding its breath before its release this week. 25,000 people rallied against the film in Karachi last Sunday, and demonstrators in Pakistan and Indonesia have already called for Wilders to be killed. The 57-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference has condemned the film. "It is a deliberate act of discrimination against Muslims designed to provoke unrest and intolerance.”
Here's the film that everyone's talking about...

Part 1

Part 2


Anonymous said...

Last year I attended a lecture by Dr Mohamad Abdalla (Griffith University Islamic Research Unit) as part of peace week 2007. After watching this film by Geert Wilders it took me back to where I was before I had the good fortune of meeting Dr Abdalla, this was around the time of the “Mickey Mouse all Westerners must die” song. I was fearful, I didn’t understand a culture or religion that could think I don’t deserve to live, that covered up its Women and was so demeaning towards them. At the end of Dr Abdalla’s speech I had learned that this is not Islam, Its true what Mohamad Ali says… Islam is in fact a peaceful religion, it respects women they are the life givers, they are to be honoured not beaten. Yes these extremist nutters still scare me, but nutters can be found in any religion or race. The people who perpetrate these acts of terror have no business calling themselves Muslims the Koran like the bible does not say half the things reported, this is the spin of extremist nutters, sadly every group has these nutters amongst them, it is up to the head of these religions to speak out and say “you know what you do not represent main stream that is not what we stand for”.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "...demonstrators in Pakistan and Indonesia have already called for Wilders to be killed."

Pretty much says it all about these pinheads.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear, Anonymous above. I lived and went to school with Muslims in Mareeba which boasts a Sunni Mosque in Walsh Street. Not all the Mareeba Muslims are "Albanians" either. One family was from Iraq and there were people of Saudi and Pakistani descent as well as people of Afghani mix.
The anti Muslim bashing which is going on is being deliberately done to soften up people to accept the atrocities in Iraq and to prime people for continuing wars in the Middle East. (Believe me, a lot of Australians are "priming" up beautifully.)
PS Welcome back Michael. We all missed you!

Anonymous said...

Probably the worst nutters of all are the Taliban. I can't help but laugh though when I read Taliban spokesmen saying how the Qu'uran banned music, dance, colours, art,blah blah blah. A study of Mohammed reveals he liked his parties, singalongs, dances and women. And there is nothing in the Qu'uran from what I can make out, banning music, dance, colours, art etc.

Anonymous said...

I don't fear Muslims, it's exremists which scare me. People who "know" God's will and impose it upon you - but only for your own good of course.
You'll find them in most places. Currently they appear predominantly in the Islamic world, though these past 8 years they've also been influential in the USA. They are in Israel and Palestine, the Vatican City, they once ran Germany. In fact they are everywhere. So are the mentally ill for that matter.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

Probably the only one I'd pay to go and see!

And I agree with the anon above - they're all as bad as one another - off with all their heads! Especially George Pell and Sheikh Al-Hilaly.

I'm not racist - I hate everyone equally.

Just Muslims a little more than Catholics, and Catholics a lot more than everyone else. =]