Sunday 13 April 2008

Growing up fast

Here's our new Division 4 Councillor, Kirsten Lesina, with Division 9 candidate, Janine Aitken.

In a rather busy couple of weeks, Kirsten was sworn in as a Regional Councillor, and also graduated with her law degree at James Cook University.

Last weekend's ceremony at the Cairns Convention Centre, marked the culmination of five years of study for Kirsten, who, at 21 years of age, took the honour as the region's youngest ever elected Councillor.


Anonymous said...

Great photo and wonderful to see Kirsten in her graduation gown. Well done!

Anonymous said...

On the Sunday after Kirsten graduated a reporter from the Cairns Post phoned to ask if I had any news. I said the highlight of my weekend had been attending the JCU graduation, seeing Cr Kirsten Lesina get her degree and having my photo taken with her, the dean of the law school and lecturer, Mandy Shircore.
Alas, the reporter told me that she was after something more controversial!!
Sorry Kirsten, I thought a lot of people would have been interested in your achievements but the Post didn't see it that way. Fortunately for them, there was an aircraft crash landing at Weipa so the paper wasn't as thin as it might have been on Monday morning.

Arthur Festerbestertester said...

That's what the Cairns POst is all about: sensationalism and self-promotion - cop a load of editor Mark Alexander on the TV news tonight - talk about hubris. It's a typical sheet of News Corporation dunny paper. Third-rate editors and journalists parachute in from all over the place, stay two years then move on to the next unsuspecting, unfortunate and long-suffering community. Thank heavens for community-based media such as Cairns Blog.

Anonymous said...

Considering the tripe the Cairns Post have consistently directed at Val Schier - before and after the election - the blatant misrepresentations, inaccuracies and the lazy sexism they've resorted to, it comes as no surprise they failed to see Kirsten Lesina's accomplishment as newsworthy. Well Val, thankfully many of us recognise your and Kirsten's considerable achievements. If controversy is what sells their miserable rag let them stick to what they do best - peddling muck to the illiterati. It's good to have this blog as an antidote to their "controversial" crap.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear, we're thankful to have "cairnsblog". Now where the hell are you Michael???? How about something on the Cairns Hospital and the sale of the airport? How about Ruddy freezing politicians wages? Lots of issues out there apart from Val's hair (yawn) and duck egg blue office (yawn). See the photo of Kev Byrne advertising Double Island? Like him or hate him, hehe, at least he has a sense of humour and is getting on with life. And, that of course is one of the most important things in life, to deal with adversity and crises and move on.