Saturday 19 April 2008

A true story, honest.

Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zulland, is rudely awoken at 4 am by the telephone.

  • 'Hillen, its the Hilth Munister here. Sorry to bother you at this hour but there is an emergency!
    I've just received word thet the Durex fectory en Auckland has burned to the ground.
    It is istimated the the entire New Zulland supply of condoms will be gone by the ind of the week.!!!'

    PM: 'Shut - the economy wull niver be able to cope with all those unwanted babies - wi'll be ruined!'

    Hilth Munister: 'We're going to hef to shup some in from... Brutain?...'

    PM: 'No chence!! The Poms will have a field day on thus one!'

    Hilth Munister: 'What about Australia?'

    PM: 'I'll call Kevin Rudd - tell hum we need one millioncondoms; ten unches long and eight unches thuck! That way they'll continue to respect the All Blacks!!'

    Three days later a delighted Hillen rushes out to open the boxes.
    She finds condoms; 10 unches long; 8 unches thuck, all coloured green and gold. With small writing on each one.........



Anonymous said...

Oh hahahaha, this is a classic!

Anonymous said...

I love how well you've adapted to being an ex-kiwi, Mike!

I don't care what they say - you're a good bloke! Haha.