Saturday 27 August 2011

Bryan Law: ''What I said, what they said.'

He may not have used a company credit card to pay for prostitutes, but Bryan Law is still a human headline in Far North Queensland.

The Cairns peace activist shares some of the communication he engaged in, in the lead up to attacking a $36 million Australian military helicopter in July, that may lead to a prison term or a hefty fine for this veteran of public action over 30 years.

Most notably, Bryan Law, along with a group of activists, broke into the highly-sensitive US Defense communications facility in the desert at Pine Gap in 2005. They were eventually acquitted of all charges under the Special Defence Undertakings Act 1952. Al Jazeera interviewed Law after the action, when, at the time, he had 30 arrests and 4 jail terms to his credit.

Here's his reflections of some salient points in the lead-up to the Rockhamption anti-war action...

Bryan Law says:

29 September 2010
Source: e-mail to defence, airport management, and peace networks.

“A small number of Christian and Buddhist peace activists are now prepared to take a ploughshares action against US military equipment during TS11, at Rockhampton airport or Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area. Mattocks, pruning hooks, hammers, and other garden implements will be used to damage the avionics of military aircraft to render them inoperable.

In TS09, there were more than 300 military aircraft movements into Rockhampton during the three weeks of the exercise. Security at Rockhampton airport is pretty slack, and our target aircraft are frequently parked on a very accessible part of the tarmac (eastern side, adjacent the general aviation area”.

“Around the world, and at Pine Gap in 2005, security systems have failed to prevent strong action by committed peace workers. I am confident that we’ll be able to disable a US aircraft if they continue to use the civilian airport at Rockhampton”.

20 April 2011
Source: Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

“I have already notified the defence department of my intentions. They know I’m coming, but I bet they can’t stop me”.

“If I can get my hands on a US military helicopter I will damage the avionics and communication as best I can”.

“I don’t rate security at the airport. It won’t keep me out”.

20 June 2011
Source; Peace by Peace Blog (Mid-term report)

“I want to carry out a “ploughshares action” at Rockhampton Airport between July 17 and July 24. I intend to disarm a US military aircraft with a mattock (or at least give it a very good try).

28 June 2011
Published photos of ADF Tiger helicopters parked at Rockhampton Airport.

30 June 2011
Source; Seven news

“and I will if I can get to a US military helicopter and damage it with a mattock”.

21 July 2011
Source: personal recollection

“You beauty, I’ve done it!”

"ROCKHAMPTON TIGER PLOUGHSHARES action successfully completed at Rockhampton airport, exactly where predicted. Against an ADF Tiger helicopter parked on the very spot shown in the blog photograph.

I did it in broad daylight.

I carried out my intentions despite the opposition of Rockhampton Regional Council, Queensland Police, Australian Federal Police, and the Australian Defence Force – even though I gave them 10 months’ warning.

How hard was it to gain access to my target?

I had to cut a $5 chain.

How embarrassing for all those security agencies that they can’t keep a fat fucker like Bryan Law away from their precious killing machines.

$200,000 to fix a 10 cm hole? Yeah, right. Sure it is."



Bryan Outlaw said...

Typical Bryan Law spin, the envy of our pollies. He claims he's going to attack an American chopper, knowing full well that the US military would shoot his fat arse on sight. He claims he's going after the avionics on said chopper. Instead he claims success by minimal damage using a garden tool on an unprotected, unclassified Aussie helicopter.

A bigger sack 'o shit doesn't exist in Queensland.

This attack was the equivalent of his "actions" at the Yacht Club, where he was skillfully used to hold the ladder for the real protesters!

nomooremike said...

“A small number of Christian and Buddhist peace activists are now prepared to take a ploughshares action against US military equipment."


".. will be used to damage the avionics of military aircraft to render them inoperable."


"I am confident that we’ll be able to disable a US aircraft"


“If I can get my hands on a US military helicopter I will damage the avionics and communication as best I can”


"I intend to disarm a US military aircraft with a mattock."


"I carried out my intentions" .... No you didn't, you FAILED!

Bryan Law said...

Sob, accused of failure by folk whose highest achievement is to hide behind someone else's name.

Sob, life's hardly worth living any more.

Sob, sob, sob!

Bryan Law said...

Oh! Sorry, I forgot...


nomooremike said...

So why don't you tell us which of your "intentions" you achieved Bryan?

What were your successes, apart from getting your name in the news again?

Why did you attack the body of the helicopter and not the avionics?

Why did you chicken out, was it the thought of prison?

Admit it, you're a failure, stick to the roadside art, that's right up your street.

Bryan Law said...

Sure mate! Just tell me who you are first.

Bryan Law said...

Gee whizzies, ask some people what their name is and they go all sulky. Come on matey, life's not that bad. Try a little courage and integrity. It'll make you feel a LOT better about things.

nomooremike said...

"courage and integrity"

Self-righteous publicity seeker doesn't sit well with the above, does it Bryan?

Unlike you, I have no wish for personal publicity, which is why myself and the majority of others on here are anonymous.

But if you want to use that as an excuse not to answer the questions, go for it.

KitchenSlut said...

Suppose you walk into a public toilet, close the door, sit down, and there on the door is the most profound statement of all time. The meaning of life, and no it's not 42! However, it's anonymous .... too cowardly to put their name to it .... so how can it be of consequence?

I suspect I am more likely to find meaning on the back of a toilet door than from most of the media commentariat with 'names'!

Bryan Law said...

KS, I wondered where you got your ideas from. Public toilets eh?

KitchenSlut said...

I would like to think my toilet door analogy was metaphorical Bryan. Personally, when in town and feeling a need for ablutionary convenience I prefer a 5 star experience. The Sebel toilets are nice. Have never forgiven Mantra on the Esplanade for putting a room card on their foyer dunny as I hate the toilet at Maccas over the road.

Regardless, the metaphor remains valid ....

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

There is NOTHING worse or more self-righteous than a person purporting to be "righteous" one,
who then hides (probably from the ATO), behind their fiction writing skills, and then signing it with a fictitious name or worse, bloody anonymous.....and then much worse, believing they have the authority as well as the wit to have an odd opinion.
What a load of bullshit from bullshitters with bullshit lives who have proven they cannot read,
cannot write, and most definitely cheated on their final exams.
The proof of that is already out there for all to see.
The government paid suck-holes who write to this blog under assumed names deserve to be sucked down that toilet they all visit.
Go for it Bryan!

nomooremike said...

I look forward to the day :Kevin-John: Morgan. writes something legible, but I won't hold my breath.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

I do believe there is a linguistic challenge afoot from an inbred.
Bring it on idiot!
I fail to see how "nomooremike" can be taken seriously for anything in this world.
There are also no listings anywhere for a person named "nomooremike", not the phonebook, the electoral rolls, nowhere!
Come forward and prove who you really are, or are you as gutless as the rest of the anonymous crew?

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

I should also add something to that last blog.
"nomooremike" is showing us that he/she is either working in a government position...or should be.
Your qualifications of IDIOCY make you a prime candidate.

nomooremike said...

"There are also no listings anywhere for a person named "nomooremike", not the phonebook, the electoral rolls, nowhere!"

You needn't have gone to all that trouble :Kevin-John:, I would have explained it to you, slowly, had you asked.

And I'm the idiot?

KitchenSlut said...

I'm still trying to figure out how I can simultaneously be a suck-hole employee for the Guvmint while(non)anonymously hiding from the ATO? I thought I was just a number for the ATO?

The previous toilet metaphor is interesting given the obsession of :Kevin-John: Morgan with colons, at least in the grammatical context.

However I think the real philosophical difference could be that I perceive myself as a verb while :Kevin-John: Morgan insists on nouns?

Bryan Law said...

I wanna be an apostrophe.