Thursday 25 August 2011

Farewell to Bosch, a loved Cairns police dog

Cairns Police are mourning the passing of their dog ‘Bosch’.

In a statement this afternoon, the Queensland Police says they are saddened to learn of the passing of Bosch, who died on Sunday as a result of a stomach-related issue despite veterinary assistance.

'PD Bosch', as he was known, had a distinguished career performing duties in the Cairns district for the past year under the watchful eye of his handler, Senior Constable Nathan Hester of the Cairns Dog Squad.

Prior to his stint in the far north, Bosch had worked for two years on the Gold Coast.

Senior Constable Hester spoke fondly of Bosch today and remembered him as a very capable partner with a distinguished policing career.

“Boschey was a great little operator,'' he said. “He was directly responsible for the apprehension of a number of offenders who were involved in vehicle thefts, break and enter and drug offences.”

PD Bosch came from a long line of career canines who have served throughout the world. His great-grandfather was a very successful and well regarded police dog in the USA. He leaves a legacy in the form of his son, a 12-month German shepherd pup who is currently undergoing training as part of the QPS Police Dog Program.

After a short break, Senior Constable Hester will travel to the QPS Dog Squad headquarters at Oxley in order to re-team with a new partner, prior to recommencing duty in Cairns.


Russ Parker said...


What's with the title of this article? At best, a pretty poor choice of words - or was it always intended to be derogatory?


Russ Parker

Michael P Moore said...

Not intended to be derogatory at all. How could it be?

You know I'm always a firm supporter of your work.

Regardless, I changed the title.

Apologies for any unintended upset caused.

Russ Parker said...

Unfortunately, coppers are subjected to the term ‘police dog’ or ‘pig dog’ as an insult from drunken fools from time to time. I thought the original ‘four legged police dog’ title may have inferred that he was a four legged police dog as opposed to a two legged one. See what I mean?

Thanks for altering it, and thanks also for you ongoing support Mike.

Michael P Moore said...

I've never heard the term ''police dog'' and certainly would never suggest anything of a sort !

It was a humourous attempt (which failed in your mind!) ... a Monty Python type reference (which I grew up on rather foolishly!) where you state the bleeding obvious - i.e. a four legged dog.

So I can assure you I'm no drunken fool and never knew about the term at all. Maybe I must get out more.