Friday 12 August 2011

LNP candidate for Cairns Paul Freebody set to be dumped after he emailed assassination threat of Prime Minister

LNP candidate for Cairns Paul Freebody has been stood aside pending an investigation after he emailed an implied assassination threat of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Freebody also said Gillard and Senator Brown were the most evil people ever in power.
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Anonymous said...

While I think Freebody's a complete fool, I also think he may be onto something here.

Terry Vance said...

Look forward to reading more.

D.J.HUNT said...

The silence from LNP leadership on this issue is deafening. Must be waiting for whoever borrowed the party's spine to return it before they comment.

Anonymous said...

Whilst Freebody's explanation may well be correct (i.e. his email was doctored)- the use of the three initials as a reference is a tad strange - I cannot ever recall Rudd being referenced as KMR; nor for that matter Gillard as JEG or Brown as RJB.

Strange that the only set of initials that googles the correct person are JFK!

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

Wow. Impressive stuff. Can't wait to see the next instalment. Let's face it, Freebody is a walking headline and not often for the right reasons.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Well said Tony, except that ALL politicians are imbeciles, with a lack of a spine, plus a lack of any knowledge on any subject at all, except LAW (a lie at best).
When the work becomes too difficult for people such as Lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, etc, etc, they ALL lose the plot and run for political positions.
These people know full well that their new position in politics is guaranteed due to the ineptness and stupidity of Australians.
Paul Keating said so and nobody denies it, nor did we do anything about it.
There are bigger fish to fry out there other than Paul Freebody, but nobody sees it, therefore does anything about it.
I would like to know why the people who run down people why not run for parliament yourselves?
I tried, but the AEC could not spell, read or write, and were also found wanting in many other areas of Law, and they're now in deep doo-doo because of it.
Anyone wishing to join the class action against the AEC can contact me via Mike.

KitchenSlut said...

"I tried, but the AEC could not spell, read or write, and were also found wanting in many other areas of Law"

Is that Bryan Law, conscientiously objecting peace activist with a garden mattock, or does law need to be spelled with a capital 'L' in whatever dimension you occupy?

Matt CYP said...

Maybe Warren Entsch was right after all, when he said:
"Mr Freebody will not be invited to any functions organised by my office," Mr Entsch wrote.
"I will not encourage any member of the FNQ business community to donate to the Cairns campaign while he is the candidate.
"I do not believe that Paul Freebody can win the seat of Cairns for the LNP."

You have to wonder why Warren's opinion was disregarded by the local LNP hierarchy - after all, Freebody wasn't the only prospect, and certainly not the smartest.

Perhaps they thought they were so far in front that it didn't matter who their candidate was.

Personally, I hope they give the poor bloke another chance - well, winning isn't everything, is it?

KitchenSlut said...

"You have to wonder why Warren's opinion was disregarded"

Ummm seriously? I have a damned good idea why Warren's opinion was disregarded? He has psychological problems frankly and even people who have been close and supported in the past are aware of that!

Whats your opinion?

Syd Walker said...

"Implied assassination threats"

What on earth are "implied assassination threats"? They sound too subtle for our rough and tumble political culture. No wonder Freebody's been suspended.

If an aspiring LNP politician wants be taken seriously, surely he should be able to make nice, clear, explicit assassination threats that can't be misunderstood. Something like:

"Madame. If you or your scungy boyfriend ever show your ugly faces up here, I'll chop you into small pieces and scatter the bits over Trinity Bay!"

The public repects politicians who aren't afraid to speak their minds, and has been known to re-elect homicidal maniacs as long as they don't apologize.

Terry Vance said...

It all sounds too much like a covert hatchet job to me. Why did the LNP people he sent the emails to, go running to the media??? I think there was a group within the local LNP who just did not want Freebody as the Candidate, and now they may have succeeded.

Matt CYP said...
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Anonymous said...


That was the problem; I understand the email was cc'd to many; none of whom was an LNP member.The only hatchet job in this case would appear to be the one Freebody that has done to himself.

It would be interesting to read the thoughts of some who were cc'd initially - was it KMR or JFK? - or was it iPhone gremlins - perhaps a case worthy enough to be logged on

Matt CYP said...

Well, KS, "you have to wonder" because Freebody's email vindicates Entsch's assessment.
Paul Freebody wasn't their only prospect, and clearly not the smartest.
The Big W may be a little eccentric but he is the only Liberal to succeed in FNQ in this century.

Unknown said...

Wonder if he bought any of the IPADS from qld health....

Terry Vance said...

I will stick to my assessment of the situation and that is that this has been a covert sabotage of Freebody's candidature. It is pretty commonplace in the USA for a "scandal" to be manufactured so an elected party candidate can be tossed out while another NON ELECTED candidate is installed. We have all witnessed an extraordinary "hate" campaign being ruthlessly and relentlessly waged against the sitting Mayor that simply cannot be the whim of two individuals, but a planned strategy initially designed to get the Mayor to resign and secondly to use the tactics of "divide and conquer" to manipulate the community. We have also seen a strategic "scandal" in the "Cash for Comment" which also was patently engineered by a group to force the Mayor into resigning.
These are all extraordinary events for Cairns and highlight a fact that they have been strategically planned by some covert group. Freebody was elected as the candidate by local LNP members, who, as KitchenSlut above points out, went against the dictates of Warren Entsch. For a good reason, and that is the alternate candidate was not liked or acceptable to those party members.
A small element of LNP members have been plotting to throw Freebodyout for some time. FACT.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day all elected and aspiring politicians should steer clear of emails and multimedia for their own good.

After all no-one but Anthony Wiener took pictures of his own "weiner" and sent them off into the ether.

And Terry, it is also true that a small element of ALP members have also been plotting to throw Lesina out for some time. Again FACT.

Terry Vance said...

constance-lloyd, pray do tell us more about this plot to oust the lovely Ms Lesina. I'm all ears.

Anonymous said...

I know of no specifics, BUT I do know that, for all the reasons you mentioned on this blog on May, there are ALP members who believe that she cannot win Cairns and would love to see her stumble.
That (unfortunately perhaps) is the nature of politics - and this old gal has been in the game since the 1979 South Australia state election.

For every winner at preselection there must be losers; be they ALP, the Greens, the LNP or the SWP. Not every one is a happy camper; its just some are better than others at the forced smile. And some work to unseat the candidate. Sad, but political reality.

Speaking of South Australian politics, the recent Rann ousting demonstrates the internal party intrigue that is fueled by polls, papers and parasites.

nomooremike said...

It's very easy to tell the origin of an email, if the smoking gun came from Freedumbo's computer they'll know, if it was altered and sent on, they'll know that too.

Terry Vance said...

constance-lloyd, my initial reaction to Ms Lesina's endorsement was to raise the issue of misogynism which has been incited in the region by the likes of Mackenzie and King. However since I wrote about that in May, I have spoken at great length with two of my Aunts who have been feminists all their lives and gained their opinions, which I value. Both said that whenever a woman becomes the first in any field, such as Ms Schier becoming the first female Mayor, some men always make it hard. They also told me that women are often targetted as "the sole cause" when times are tough such as the late 1970s and early 1980s when "married women in the workforce" were solely blamed for unemployment and all of society's ills. Both my Aunts who were working said they were both targetted by men as were their friends, and that the current campaign against the Mayor blaming her for all the economic ills in the area only echoes the attacks on women over past decades. Finally they said that yes, Ms Lesina will unquestionably face a concerted effort by certain male individuals to oust her from office particularly if there isn't a LaborState Government elected. They believe however that Ms Lesina would be aware of this. "To be forewarned is to be forearmed" my
Aunts both said. They also believe that like Ms Schier, Kirsten has the character and strength to cope with a bullying campaign. I found the conversations with my Aunts eased my fears somewhat.

x said...

RE email origin:
Using the free secure tor browser (info,sponsors) and almost any web based email software makes it near impossible to track, once in use.

Reply to SYD WALKER:
Thanks for the laughs. Clearly, we can't have mamby pamby applicants or the internal (and external?) LNP quality assurance mechanism will just kick in again. Are you available for mentoring of the next candidate?

nomooremike said...


Freedumbo claims he sent legitimate emails to certain people with the initials KMR, and that someone changed it to JFK.

If that's so, he would have sent them from his own computer, and not tried to hide the source, so someone would have the "real" email, which will point to him, and, if what he says is true, others would have the fake, not coming from his computer.

As to emails being untraceable, don't you believe it, people are caught all over the world who thought they were safe behind proxies and the like, paedophiles, hackers and terrorists, among others .... and they get caught all the time.

nomooremike said...

Game, set and match!!

"However, when contacted by AAP on Friday, Mr Freebody claimed the "JFK" email had been doctored and provided a copy with the KMR reference that he said had been sent.

Asked about that email on Monday, he said it was not sent.

Mr Freebody said he had "cut and pasted" the "KMR" text from a draft he had written in Microsoft Word.

"I couldn't find the email so I then went and cut and pasted from Microsoft Word which I use anyway for spelling because I'm not the greatest speller," he told AAP.

"I sent it in good faith because I didn't realise what had occurred."

However, he claimed the text had "not sent" written on it, which does not appear on AAP's copy of the email.

Instead, the email which was also provided to the LNP, shows an identical sent time and recipient list to the "JFK" email and also shows a reply from one of the respondents."


So he lied about the original having the letters KMR, and now he admits he doctored the "original" email he provided to the LNP.

Now he wants us to believe that he wrote the email, then left it without sending it out .... sometime later along comes "a male member of the household" who accesses his email, and changes the KMR to JFK.

As I said in a previous post, he was never going to get away with this if the original came from his computer.

Let's hope this is the last we ever hear from this arsehole!

Anonymous said...

I hate that as a tax payer, I employ this fool as well as the cowardly political party that has sat quietly and watched and only acted when the backlash started to build. Paul Freebody is a cowardly fool who thinks we as Australians are dumb enough to buy his LIE about someone else changing his E-mail. But then again, being a HOWARD man ( another world class liar ), I wouldn't expect anything less from this coward. I wont be voting for your party anytime soon Paul, and I'll make sure i tell everyone I know about your political games, so they also turn away from the LNP.