Friday 26 August 2011

CAPTION CONTEST: Val and the Challenge Cairns lads

The recent successful Challenge Cairns triathlon was a fantastic event. Here's a pic that has just surfaced that gives an opportunity to put words in the mouth of our Cairns Regional Council Mayor, Val Schier.

As always, be funny and not too rude.

  1. ''Yes, I get this feeling around my neck every time I hear you talk about rates.''
  2. ''We couldn't fit anymore in our Council budget than you could pack in those lycra shorts, if we tried. Honestly.''
  3. ''If I had my way, I'd do away with all this red. Lavender with rose petals and lentil colour is my choice.''
  4. ''Well, voting Liberal will make you feel like that around the neck, and the sensation lasts for a year or two. But why on earth did they select Paul Freebody in the first place Val?''
  5. ........ your turn.......


D.J.HUNT said...

You're bloody kidding me. I ran all this way for the Uke festival and it's already over????

Bryan Law said...

I'm so tired of being Mayor. Perhaps I'll become a triathlete. What do you think?

KitchenSlut said...

A public penis you say DJ *unt? How many years prison should he get for that do you think?

Meanwhile over at your own blog a recent post gave me reason to puke far more than any penis proliferation! The post complains about the Federal Guvmint's failure to fund family to attend a unit citation award presentation more than 40 years after the events at Long Tan. Perhaps the complaint has merit?

However,the outrage of DJ *unt is not just that but rather that "In February 2011 the same Government of Australia footed the Funeral Bill to bury the illegal boat people" who had been tragically killed at Christmas island.

The moral equivalence is non-existant and the conclusions to be drawn from this kind of non-logical comparison rather disgusting. The entire post appears to be an un-attributed replica of one of those typical emails that goes around.

Following on from the Freebody debacle we can only lament the quality of our local political candidates. How long before people such as Wendy Richardson are prepared to disassociate themselves from such sub-humans?