Friday 26 August 2011

The government wants access to your txt messages, phone calls, and emails

The Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill, just passed by the Federal House of Reps, looks a whole lot like the invasive and disgusting US Patriot Act.

The Bill, which will now be debated in the Senate, would let Police force telecommunication companies to retain copies of customer's digital communication.

While cybercrime is a real problem, this latest move gives a massive ability for information-sharing between foreign governments, objectors say, especially when people are critical of other regimes.

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:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

What's this nonsense about them WANTING to do this?
EVERY single government on this planet, who can get away with spending the money, have been doing it since it was able to be done, which is years ago.
When Telstra found a "bug" on my home phone in 1994, then told me it was NOT one of theirs, I knew the jig was up for everyone.
We found out that the people who owned the house were working for ATSIC and under investigation.
This snooping has been happening for years, and all because the Aussie public consented to it!