Sunday 4 September 2011

Father's Day, what are you doing to celebrate or remember?

We all have different journeys and connections with our father.

We will all have a unique and different connection with our father, and the memories.

Over Easter, I wrote about my recollection, and it didn't please everyone in the family.

Colin Riddell has a fondness for Bob Irwin, father of Steve, whose work has dramatically impacted his own campaigns.

Today is a great day to think about the things that help shape who you are and how you treat people.

Happy father's day.

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Leigh Dall'Osto said...

My dad was always the source of all the magic and whimsy in our house growing up. He used to take us outside to look for faeries in the garden when we had a sunshower as that's when they come out to dance (obviously!). He sang to us almost every night, practising new songs before they made it to the stage. My childhood was great fun. My children now have my dad to teach them all of the same magic and whimsy I enjoyed. He loves being a 'Pa' almost us much as he loves being a dad.

Today, we are all going to Yungaburra for lunch. Coming along will be my kids, their dad, my mum and dad and my Grandad. I am thankful every day to have all three fabulous dads in my life.