Tuesday 13 September 2011

Bligh’s four years as Premier a “reign of pain”

The main opposition party in Queensland has called Anna Bligh’s four years as Premier a “reign of pain” and is anything but a day for celebration for Queenslanders struggling to cope with Labor-inflicted cost of living increases.

''The four years since Anna Bligh became Premier had accelerated the decline that had been occurring under the 20 year old Labor Government,'' LNP Parliamentary Leader Jeff Seeney said.

“Queensland’s downhill slide under Labor has only accelerated since Anna Bligh took over with the loss of the state’s AAA credit rating, broken promises on asset sales and the fuel tax, and the health payroll debacle all happening on her watch,” Jeff Seeney said. “Labor’s economic mismanagement has seen debt spiral out of control and head towards $85 billion and all Queenslanders are paying the price every day in so many ways.”

Under Anna Bligh and Labor...

- Stamp duty changes are adding up to $7,000 to the cost of buying a family home;

- Car registration has ballooned $107.55 to $443.45 since 2008;

- Electricity prices have spiralled over 60% over the past five years and will rise by another $118 this year;

- Water bills were set to double over seven years;

- The Gateway and Logan Motorway tolls have been hiked 31%; and

- Drivers licences have more than doubled from $73.70 to $152.50 for a five year licence.

Seeney says Anna Bligh’s ‘reign of pain’ had also been marked by a monumental waste of taxpayers’ money, with billions of dollars spent on a water grid that was barely used and $220 million needed to fix the disastrous health payroll system.

“During her time at the top, Anna Bligh has been unwilling or unable to sack Labor Ministers for incompetence, with Paul Lucas, Stephen Robertson and Geoff Wilson still key members of her Cabinet despite their many failures,” Jeff Seeney said. “Similarly, Anna Bligh has refused to stand up for Queensland and oppose Labor’s carbon tax, preferring to cheer on this job destroying tax that will only further increase the cost of living."


Syd Walker said...

I do think the LNP needs to answer a question. If, God forbid, the current leader steps under a moving bus, where will it find its next leader? Will it advertise publicly in the Courier Mail?

whale.oil.bef.hooked said...

Yes ... it's goodbye Labour and Lesina's hopes for a continuing career in fairyland.
Bring on the 32 year old with some understanding of life in the real world.
Listen up Quick ... Gavin's your man !!!
Do the right thing and select him.

KitchenSlut said...

Syd's affection for the ALP is only surpassed by Bryan's affetion for Gavin! It's Love!

Gavin is gunna stop CSG? Gavin speaking with his own ideas is the most dangeous of all given the naive rubbish he has published in the Compost, as it's quite clear he aint a real smart bloke!

No, the current Guvmnt aint flash ... that doesn't justify dubious lying shonks like the King Parrot either!

Syd Walker said...

Anyone who interpreted my remarks as 'pro-ALP' is drawing a rather long bow.

It's just that I've observed a lot of elections for a lot of Parliaments in a lot of places that use the Westminster system, like Queensland.

If anyone else can recall a case when a major political party effectively admitted it lacked leadership talent to such an extent that it recruits a new leader from outside Parliament, please let me know. It may have happened somewhere else (perhaps the ABC's election analyst Anthony Green knows?) It's certainly unusual.

The idea that only ALP fanatics would ever choose to mention this and inquire about the possibility of a further leadership change suggests a rather thin skin. Is Campbell Newman considered immortal?

Perhaps Gavin King, Gina Rinehart or Bryan Law have the nod as the next LNP leader-in-waiting? Shouldn't the electorate be told?

It might affect my vote :-)

Bryan Law said...

Syd, the story was about Anna Bligh and her record as a Labor Premier of Queensland. Have you got anything to say about that? Perhaps a nice story about how dismal she is, and how awful the ALP is, but why we all have to vote for them anyway - lest we go all "unusual".

Syd Walker said...

The "story" seems to me a largely unedited version of an LNP press statement. There was no comment from any other source was there?

It's fine if CairnsBlog wants to run stuff like that. Why not? That's press freedom. It's fine if you want to become a sockpuppet for the major conservative party in Queensland politics Bryan. That's political freedom.

But we don't all have to join in do we? I think not.

Bryan Law said...

p.s. I hear Gavin King uses the blood of Christian babies to make his matso balls for passover.

KitchenSlut said...

"p.s. I hear Gavin King uses the blood of Christian babies to make his matso balls for passover."

Ummm ..... well yes he actually does in context of his own hypocrisy!? Some of us who were at Sydney Uni as long ago as the 70's still recall that he greeted the wimmins collective with "good morning sluts"

You are also a Catholic Bryan?

Kitchenslut is set to declare for whatever CBD division he is in against Alan Blake! Why not, ir's a small fee to declare as Bryan would know?

It could be fun .....

Chris of Manunda said...

Chris of Manunda says,
Syd, how dare you offer to denigrate Gina Rinehart.
You insignificant prig Gina and her father were/are more of an Australian than you could ever to aspire to be.
That man and his daughter, Gina, offered to preserve and grow the Australian Steel industry.
The offer was rejected by the govt of the day.
Now look what we have not got...a steel industry.
Any government has got to be better than the Beatie/Bligh regime.

KitchenSlut said...

Oops made a mistake sorry comment was meant to relate to Tony Abbott, who has much ideologically in common with Gavin King!? Too much! Defensive Catholic fundamentalists unite with Bryan!

Bryan Law said...

Oooooh OOOOooooohhh Tony Abbott, Satan incarnate, the reason we should not reason in our fear and hatred of the unwashed soul. Can you imagine anyone daring to challenge a 70s group of university "wimmin" who so successfully "liberated" the white middle class. Thank God the migrant "women" were available in sufficient numbers to keep the "Wimmin's" room clean.

Syd Walker said...

Bryan's bizarre behaviour reminds me of the Maoists of yore: "We are here to critize Comrade Bligh! There will be no deviationism! No criticism of Chairman Newman shall be tolerated!"

As for Chris, what's in Manunda's water supply? He flies into a rage complaining I "denigrate" Gina Rinehart. Did you actually read what I wrote Chris?

'Discussion' on this thread reminds me of Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatters Tea Party, minus his amusing characters. Is it the flouride?

Bryan Law said...

Ooooh OOOooooohhh, Syd's gone from Campbell Newman (evil) to Tony Abbott (eviller) to Mao Zedong (evilest)without mentioning the Premier or the ALP once. That must be the next election slogan "Empty hype and incompetence - compared to evil they're OK, vote Labor".