Thursday 28 April 2011

Put the Festival Parade back to Saturday

A campaign has started to ask Cairns Regional Council to overturn a "silly" decision to move the annual Cairns Festival parade from Saturday night to Sunday, a move that has angered many.

A Put the Festival Parade back to Saturday campaign is asking for Council to rescind the decision.

Proponents says that locals come into town for the parade in their thousands, and many will spend time in restaurants and food outlets, as well as shops and other businesses. Additionally tourists are attracted to the annual event, providing a major injection into the local economy, with many staying to socialise and party in the CBD's bars and clubs.

The argument goes that the move to Sunday would render city visitors retreating home instead of spending and enjoying the city's attractions.

The date change for the Cairns Festival Parade from Saturday to Sunday evening is to accommodate a clash with the annual Pyramid charity run. However the popular Gordonvale event takes place during the day, whereas the parade starts around sundown, so why can't they both happen on the same day anyway?

Others are asking to put the event back during the school holidays and return to the original name of Fun in the Sun.


Leigh Dall'Osto said...

I would be one of those who prefers the name 'Fun In The Sun' and my argument for those who say it's too late is....Raintrees Shopping Centre did it and it worked for them.

The parade can't be on a Sunday for other reasons than those you have stated Mike. A Sunday start would leave the festival starting at the END of a weekend which is frankly a complete waste of a perfectly good weekend. The other reason is more for families who take their young children along every year. Families make up a huge portion of those at the parade and they will stay away if it's on the Sunday simply due to it being a school night.

We go to the Pyramid Races too and would happily attend both on the same day. Our festival has been messed with too many times and this one is just plain stupid.

Vaughn said...

Totally agree Leigh, too much of what we all enjoyed in the past has been changed or done away with for no good reason, other than pandering to big business and tourism operators. Our local brewery closing was a sad example of this. I want my Cairns Draught back!!!

Anonymous said...

Our "Fun in the Sun" has become a moveable feast like Easter. The Great Pyramid Race has been on the same Saturday for so long it's carved in stone.
Either move the darn festival or have them both on the same date. Sunday evening is stupid as people will be too aware of having to go to work the next morning.

For goodness sake, let Gordonvale have one bloody thing that Cairns isn't going to hijack!!!

Unknown said...

"However the popular Gordonvale event takes place during the day, whereas the parade starts around sundown, so why can't they both happen on the same day anyway?"

Not true .... the Gordonvale event goes into the night.

To quote the council ...

"Council and the Pyramid Race organising committee are partnering to make this year's event an even bigger and better community celebration, with a great day and NIGHT of activities including music, markets, night activities and fireworks on Saturday, August 20."