Friday 1 April 2011

Newman or Bligh

Just added a poll, on the right hand sidebar.

Newman or Bligh as the next Queensland Premier. It's a no-brainer (unless you live on the Southside).

Remember: vote early, vote often.


Fiona Henderson said...

· Answered Anna Bligh
Has Campbell ever been outside Brisbane? Does he know where Cairns is? Has he visited the Torres Strait, Palm Island, Kowanyama or Mt Isa?

Carl Butcher said...

· Answered Campbell Newman
He actually has Fiona. See:

Unknown said...

10 things you should know about Campbell Newman and the LNP:

(1) Campbell Newman is a quitter. He has deserted Brisbane and abandoned Brisbane's flood-affected communities when they need him to see the job through.

(2) Campbell Newman's tunnels have racked up $2.22 billion in debt (full effect by 2015) for Brisbane rate payers - the BCC Annual Budget is only $2.8 billion!

(3) Campbell Newman has increased rates by 41% since he took over the Council Budget in 2004 - he promised not to increase rates by more than the rate of inflation.

(4) Ashgrove is Campbell Newman's fourth choice of a State seat and he doesn't live the the electorate.

(5) According to JP Langbroek and Springborg, LNP boss, Bruce McIver will choose senior Public Servants under a LNP Government - remind you of the Bjelke-Petersen days?

(6) John-Paul Langbroek is the third Opposition scalp claimed by Premier Anna Bligh - and now they've gone outside the Queensland Parliament to find their next leader.

(7) Jeff Seeney is a stella example of the National Party of old - a big opponent of anti-tree clearing legislation and a big opponent of wild rivers legislation.

(8) Campbell Newman needs a 7.1% swing in Ashgrove but the LNP only need a state-wide swing of 4.5% to win government - what happens if the LNP win but Newman doesn't? Will Jeff Seeney be the Premier?

(9) Campbell Newman comes from political royalty - both his parents served as senators for Tasmania and his mother was a Howard Government minister and soon he will be a full-time candidate with no other responsibility but to further his own political career.

(10) The CMC is now investigating a complaint that the LNP offered an inducement to Flegg in order to secure Campbell Newman a safe LNP seat.

Bryan Law said...

I think you've convinced me Charlie, Campbell Newman is 10 times better than Anna B. Liar, the champion of debt, bureaucracy and privatisation.

Charlie said...

Bryan, You are one of the greatest Tori Supporters I know. You hate the ALP with a passion so your evaluation on this issue is clouded by your loyality to the non Labor forces in Australia. The funny thing is that genuine LNP people don't like you or want to have anything to do with you. Charlie

Bryan Law said...

Know a lot of LNP folk do you Charlie? I suppose that’s where the ALP is recruiting from these days ever since they’ve arseholed the union movement and the working class. My spies tell me that the right-wing faction in Cairns are going to nominate Col McKenzie for the seat of Cairns. Ex-One Nation, started his own failed Barrier Reef party, now a keen arse-licker for “Labor Forum” (you bring the cross, we’ll provide the kerosene). He lied to the public in 2009, lied on oath in court, and cost me about $10,000. You’re right that I hate that kind of behaviour. It’s not the money, it’s the insult. But I’d vote for and support Richie Bates. I don’t give two hoots for the LNP. I’m just interested in how to make the ALP a working class party again. I have to say that sychophants like you don’t help. What’s your real name? What’s Anna B. Liar’s record of achievement? You’ll have a few terms out of office to think about it whenever the apparatchiks decide to face the voters again.

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

If the numbers from this blog are any indication it will be a very close election. I just think it's a shame that we have ended up with the potential to vote for who we liked better during the flood crisis.

Let's face it, you can argue all you like about debt and previous records etc....with both leaders making gaffes in the past, but the reality says that people will vote for personalities, not leadership.

And that is what is wrong with politics today. (amongst many other things) All Queensland really requires is effective Government and an equally strong Opposition. Will either leader give us that?