Thursday 21 April 2011

Poll supports a change in Queensland State government

A poll of over 300 voters on CairnsBlog clearly favours a leadership change in the Queensland State government.

The poll, run over the last 14 days, shows a majority will not back a Labor-led State Government.

35% backed the ALP whereas 43% supported the LNP's Campbell Newman.

The silly addition of former right-wing Cairns mayor Kevin Byrne, a card-carrying Lib, also attracted a sizeable following with 20%.

This result, largely showing how Cairns region voters are feeling, mirrors a number of State polls, showing wide dissatisfaction for Premier Anna Bligh and the Labor Party. Bligh's post-flood and cyclone euphoric glow, has all but been washed down the Lockyer Valley.


Syd Walker said...

IMHO people should watch Crude while it's still online (it was screened a couple of nights ago on the ABC). It is riveting viewing.

Then ask whether either of the major parties have policies commensurate with the scale of the challenge we face.

Then ask whether replacing the Bligh Government with a government led by Barnaby Joyce-types would be anything other than turning the Suicide Dial to 'FASTER'.

People need to wake up. This isn't 1960 or 1985. We don't have another generation to squander while our economy and way of life edge further towards the precipice. We're right up against the precipice now.

We need dramatic and rapid action to give us resilience as oil prices begin to skyrocket (you ain't seen nothing yet) and environmental constraints close in and compel dramatic changes in our energy use.

The Labor Party shows some inkling of understanding this, but is constrained by a confused electorate systematically misinformed by media barons and their lackeys who deserve a one-way ticket to Mars.

The LNP - for the most part - shows barely any inkling at all. One senses only a sulky reluctance to accept reality - of a kind that might lead to grumbling tokenism at best. I hope I'm wrong about that – and if anyone can point me to contrary evidence, please do. It would bring me cheer.

Any party or politician that doesn't have strong commitment to addressing the peak oil / climate change conundrum - and coherent, progressive ideas for achieving the necessary changes in the foreseeable future - should be rejected at the next election. No more time for playing games. This is a real crisis and we need candidates with the right stuff to overcome disastrous long-term folly.

Oh - and I hope it's become apparent by now. Nuclear power is NOT the answer. It's an alternative suicide route. The answer is proper utilization of solar and lunar energy (solar, wind, tidal etc) combined with fundamental redesign of our way of life and re-engineering of our basic infrastructure. It's been obvious for years. Let's get on with it!

nomooremike said...

What a beat up! You asked people to vote often, you add god knows how many votes of your own, then present it as an honest and fair poll!

You make this remark into a joke .... "Your financial support helps brings issues to the public, that otherwise get ignored by the brain-dead commercial media."

Bryan Law said...

Let's see, Kevin Byrne, right-wing militarist, developers advocate, liar, and mediocre administrator. Val schier without the skirt.

I reckon his preferences will go two to one for Anna Bligh.

Anonymous said...

The suggestion that 300 or so folk who voted in a Cairns Blog poll is representative of the Cairns population as a whole is ludicrous. Assuming you have a rudimentary knowledge of statistics, one can only conclude that you are trying to use a (probably unrepresentative) sample to continue your agenda of attacking the Bligh government under the mistaken assumption that a Newman government would do better. I agree with Sid Walker when he states: "The LNP - for the most part - shows barely any inkling at all [of the challenges we face in relation to issues like climate change and peak oil]." It will be a sad day for Queensland if Newman and his conservative cronies get in!