Tuesday 19 April 2011

Labor selection narrows as Bailey withdraws

Mike Bailey, the deputy president of ALP's Cairns branch, has withdrawn his nomination for the Cairns pre-selection in the upcoming State election.

Numerous candidates have been approached following the LNP completing their selection process a month ago, however Bailey, an outspoken critic of Stuey Traill who was removed from the party, says his family must come first.

"After much soul searching and discussions with my wife of 37 years, I have decided to withdraw my nomination," Mike Bailey said today. "This may be the shortest political career on record – I nominated only a little over a week ago – but I am convinced it is the correct thing to do. Apart from family, there was the question of my age, however I felt this negative was something that could have been overcome."

Mike Bailey says that whilst he has withdrawn from the race, he is committed to assisting Cairns remain a Labor seat "regardless of whom the candidate may be." Bailey authored numerous party political emails to CairnsBlog from his government employer's email account.

This now leaves first-time Cairns Regional Councillor, Kirsten Lesina who would need to join the AWU to get the backing of that faction as she remains unaligned at present.

Richie Bates is the only other declared candidate for Labor's selection. Bates has a long history of community involvement in sport and in the Rail union, challenging his party about privatisation.

There is a strong lobby group within Labor that is fighting against asset sales becoming an election issue, following the expulsion of outspoken critic Stuey Traill, who believes Labor has betrayed itself over the sell off programme, saying it is clearly against the Party Platform. Outgoing Cairns MP Desley Boyle does not support and candidate from the left faction of the party, privately saying that "it wouldn't happen over my dead body."

Lesina has been unclear about her position on privatisation, and has in the past been open about her desire for a role in Federal politics. She has worked with Senator Jan McLucas prior to her election in 2008 as a Cairns councillor.


Bryan Law said...

Garn, I dunno Councillor Lesina, but I'm interested in seeing how she seasons up as a regional Councillor, and how she develops as a politician and human being.

OK I know she hasn't been around long enough to fully establish herself, and I'd be surprised if she tries to transition to state parliament. But I'd be flabbergasted if she joined the AWU faction in Queensland.

the results of AWU skullduggery are all around us. A hated Party due to fall at the next election both state and federal.

A twitching corpse of a Party where no one of substance is available to put up against Richie Bates as candidate for Cairns, and yet Desley Boyle can't abide Richie - and is willing to tear the Party down to spite him.

Kirsten, you have plenty of time for a career with dignity and achievement. For you, Labor Forum is the kiss of death. Hold on to your principles.

knrhill said...

These factional politics have resulted in the Right, (in no small way led by the AWU) destroying this once great party. If Kirsten joins the AWU to further her cause politically, it will only be for one step as she almost certainly will not be elected into paliment for siding with the destroyers of the Labor Party.

Ritchie Bates on the other hand is a strong, hardworking individual who has a proud history of standing up for people and leading by example in numerous community groups, not to mention his Union involvement as a delegate. These are the people the ALP need representing the people, those that are passionate and involved Unionist who nominate for Pre selection for the better of the community and the party, not career politicians that will side with any group that has the most faceless men numbers in some back room, and then joins this faction to further their career, not because they agree with their direction or policies. These people then become puppets in the system with no voice. 

I for one am sick and tired of having no voice in the Far North, not because we have no supposed workers representatives (read elected LABOR PARTY politicians), but because they became slaves to factions long ago and forfeited their voice at that time.

Interestingly enough the incumbent seems hell bent on supporting Councilor Lesina, (who hasn't in my opinion exactly kicked goals at local level politics) over the very well supported Mr Bates, possibly because of his stance on complying with Labor Party Platform with regards to Privatisation. 

At least we all know Ritchie will stand up for the workers. Good luck comrade!

Oliver Deadlynch said...

Kerstin Lesina vs. Paul Freebody - the rematch. That's the reality. I respect Richie Bates, but politics is no-longer about policy its about personality, and if anyone can win Cairns for Labour against Freebody, it will be Kersin.

Vaughn said...

So Kirsten Lesina is prepared to sell out her left wing principles to further her political ambitions by joining the AWU. The local ALP right faction is stooping to a new low. At least Richie Bates is staying true to himself, his union, and the community.

KitchenSlut said...

I can't work out whether this constitutes a dilemma, or Hobson's choice?

The kweensland party are deluded enough within hemselves to think it's a false dilemma!

Voter's however, may be in Catch 22?


knrhill said...

Isn't that a sobering reality,...."Politics is no longer about policies it's about personalities" how wanting have we been for a little of either in this region?

That is why voters and supporters of the Labor Party are abandoning the party in droves, because you can not be sure that you are voting for a principle, while you have a Primary School popularity contest mentality.

Once again, this is why we must rally behind Ritchie as he is out of the traditional Labor mould, where politicians did everything in their power to serve their constituents, while holding true to their own values and morals and never going against party platform.

I am sure you will find that this type of politician would prove to be very popular indeed.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against Kirstin personally, but I think she represents exactly the sort of unsuitable candidate that is now dominating the unions and the ALP.

Straight out of university into politics with no real-life work experience whatsoever. As far as I am aware she hasn't even practiced as a lawyer.

It is not strange that those career politicians/unionists are so disconnected from the people they are supposed to represent.

Unknown said...

Now wonder he stoped running - I gather he had no support. Wonder why when I got the email below last year when I emailed everyone I quit the ALP in disgust (over assests and the barron river current candidate refused to answer questions)

I do believe that the letter in question did find its way to the ETU, AWU and QPSU

Anyway for those who missed it here it is again

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Hello Samantha,

Your resignation from the party is unfortunate, but as with all members you are free to follow your conscience. Personally, I support the asset sales as the only alternative short of cutting jobs ( if you have an alternative I would like to hear it) as the Liberals did in Western Australia.

Should the Bligh government fall – thanks largely to hatchet job being done by the ETU and indeed my union, the QPSU – from which I will probably resign in protest as you have done with the ALP - then people who are not old enough to remember what it was like under Joh may finally realise that it is only under a Labor government that real social justice can occur.

By the way, as a systems administrator I would have thought you would know how to send a blind copy and not distribute the email address of a lot of members who may not wish to have their involvement know to all and sundry!

Have a nice Easter
Mike Bailey

Anyway all cns bloggers have a great easter...


Manoora of the Beaches (was clifton when we moved here)

knrhill said...

Mike Bailey is just an unfortunate side show ! His withdrawal has paved the way for the AWU to throw their support behind another candidate.

This candidate just so happens to be Kirsten who worked for Jan McLucus (a Left Labor party senator). During this time Kirsten stated that she aspired to represent in Jan's seat after she retired, which suggests that she is essentially left. Despite this Kirsten has jumped into preselection for the State seat of Cairns and looks certain to join the AWU in return for their support.

Parliament is full of career politicians that put their own interests before that of the community they represent, by selling out their own morales and beliefs. We do not need another.

Ritchie Bates is a passionate local who cares about locals and does everything in his power to help. He is committed, staunch and stands up for what is right. He does not jump ship to further his cause.

That is the kind of politician we all deserve!

Alison Alloway said...

That will be interesting, if Freebody's endorsement is overturned. He is already out there campaigning.

Ross Parisi said...

I personally think Kirsten should stick with Cairns Regional Council as she is doing top work there and what is more Val needs her more than the seat of Cairns does unless of course she wants to potentially do a stint in Opposition.

I have assumed of course that anyone that the ALP puts up it will win the seat against Freebody...mind you I have heard behind the scenes that Newman is not to happy with his endorsement and may reopen nominations.