Tuesday 19 April 2011

Fundraiser for Law and Moore - Thursday May 5th

Bryan Law is leaving town, but not without a party.

Everyone's welcome to a farewell Cairns bash on Thursday 5th May. This is a joint fund-raiser for Bryan and also the Alan Blake defamation case against CairnsBlog.

The event will be held at the Boathouse, what’s left of the old Cairns yacht Club, at 7pm at the James Cook University of Colonialism, Smithfield.

It is $25 a head and will be a mixed bag of nibbles, nostalgia, and revolution, with a cash bar, so the revolution won’t go far.

In one month Bryan Law leaves Cairns for a date with a US military helicopter.

Bryan Law is leaving Cairns in early May to spend three months in Rockhampton preparing for the ploughshares action against the massive Australian and US military operation Talisman Sabre, held there annually. Law has been in Cairns for 18 years.

"Looking back I’ve enjoyed a fairly good mixture of fun and difficulty," Bryan Law says. "I can’t guarantee that I’ll never be back in Cairns. What I can guarantee is that I’m gonna have a real good go at breaking in to the Rockhampton Airport and disabling - thereby disarming - a US military helicopter or fixed wing military plane. Rockhampton Airport has scores of such planes visiting during exercise Talisman Sabre."

"My promise before God is to continue as best I’m able from now on to disrupt and interfere with any military equipment in Australia that’s used for making war. Whenever I am free I will be working towards this goal," Law says. "I don’t think I’ve gone crazy. It seems to me an act that is called for, which I am qualified to do."


MG said...

oh my!!

If these are indeed bryan laws words then who pray tell is going to run his phony site about blake whilst he withers in jail for an act of terrorism declared here on the cairns blog!

pick me pick me!!!!! :P

Bryan Law said...

MG, I'd love to have you contribute to the fake Blake site. I think you'd show real insight.

I'll be running the site for 12 weeks yet, and I reckon the fake Blake will be very popular by then. After all, the fake is so much nicer.

With your command of hyperbole, you might like to take up the role of "Quickie - the minion who grew too big" and dish dirt on your colleagues in the LNP. It's a role you seem perfect for.

MG said...


Oh Bryan what flippant reading some of prose is

I am not at all interested in the political arena........being a man of learning that you claim to be I thought you might have realised this by now.

I seek truth and justice - but in the right way using the rights set out by our lovely country

Unlike yourself I am a stickler for diplomacy and rules rather than junket dramatisations and dip-shit acts

Bryan Law said...

BO ol' buddy. Check out this recent article from the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin. They promote me to "a regular thorn-in-the-side of Talisman Sabre". Recognition in my own time.

You, on the other hand, could happily join the throng of bumpkin RSL types bleating on in the comments section.

Bryan Law said...