Monday 25 April 2011

"Christian" Jim Wallace spouts anti-gay and Islamic rant for ANZAC day

A "poisonous old dinosaur" is how some have described the head of the Australian Christian Lobby Jim Wallace after he said Australian soldiers didn't fight for "gay marriage and Islamic."

Of course gay service men and women fought for this country so that everyone can live in freedom and in democracy.

However Wallace says that his comment was up to "misinterpretation".

Jim Wallace said "just hope that as we remember servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for — wasn't gay marriage and Islamic!"

He since apologised after a torrid of attack about his comments.

"There is no way I was trying to infer that our veterans didn't fight for all Australians, of course they did," " Jim Wallace said "I spent 32 years in the army myself, I'm imbued with that. I'm the last person to demean Anzac Day or our veterans."

Wallace says that the nature of the country that veterans had fought for is changing.

"I think that the nature of our society that our soldiers fought for was based on Judeo-Christian heritage. [Gay marriage and Islam] are two things that, in the future, are certainly going to define the nature of our society," Wallace said.

Of course when people fight for a free country, a democracy, the fight for everyone, no matter what colour, religion or sexuality.

Those that served, like my father who died 14 years ago, fought for everyone. To suggest that we didn't have gays in the services back in the 1900's or the 40's is of course a joke.

As one commentator said today, using the bible as a weapon without spiritual discernment, can be a very dangerous thing. Wallace, who claims to be speaking as a Christian, should know that in the Bible, marriage is between Christ the bridegroom and 'we' His bride," Amanda Jamison says. "The 'marriage' union is therefore the co-joining of Christ to human beings and visa versa. It specifically doesn't say only 'heterosexual xyz religious group of human beings' - it is written that the 'we' that is to be 'wedded' is anyone from any culture gender ideology or nation in the human population- any who believes in Him."

That being so, the Bibles' comprehension of the word 'marriage' can hardly be used as a weapon specifically against temporal gay marriage or the banning of the same. I'm sure that loads of gay people believe in God.

However it's nice to know that we still have our religious freaks ready and willing to expose themselves.


Terry Vance said...

Yep, we have our quota of Taliban within the Christian Church.

Syd Walker said...

Actually I have little doubt Jim Wallace is right in a narrow sense.

ANZACs didn't fight at Gallipoli to defend gay marriage or what he so subtly describes as 'Islamics'.

But did they fight so their great great grand-children's internet connections would be censored by a bunch of spooks?