Friday 25 February 2011

LNP refuse to refund Cairns candidate Vic Black, will take legal action

Vic Black is fighting the Liberal National Party following the shock termination of his membership, just a day before the selection of candidates, rendering him eligible to contest. Black is seeking to be treated with dignity and fair play.

Just a week ago, around 9am Friday morning, the LNP hierarchy in Brisbane were secretly planning to terminate Vic Black's party membership.

They were about to pay out for him supporting a letter that he'd signed, along with 14 others a year earlier, questioning the management and what he perceived as financial irregularities of the Cairns LNP organisation.

Rightly or wrongly, a complex and detailed set of question were put to the LNP bosses, seeking answers. It didn't bode well and the truth is they've held a grudge with almost everyone who signed that fateful letter since.

As payback, Vic Black's party membership was terminated hours before the party voting on him becoming the next candidate for Cairns in the upcoming State election. It was a callous and cowardly act. It will further damage the party, already struggling to be a credible alternative to the appalling financial mis-management of Labor. This latest incident will expose it's internal behaviour as undemocratic and arrogant, something voters will consider when they cast their vote. As many have said, this incident, and the selection of Paul Freebody, is a gift horse (or dog) for Labor in Cairns.

Vic Black is seeking $1,700 of expenses, including a $1,200 nomination fee to be a candidate.

According to State party secretary James Martin, under the constitution an application fee may be refunded where the application for endorsement is withdrawn by the applicant.

"You did not withdraw your application, and so the fee is not refundable," Martin told Vic Black in a email yesterday.

However Vic Black told State Director Michael O'Dwyer on Thursday 17th February that he was not given any choice but to request that his money be returned.

"I was not being allowed to stand for pre-selection regardless of their pretenses," Vic Black says. "That to me was a withdrawal."

Vic Black will start legal recourse if the Party does not refund his fees.

"Should [they] fail to return my money, I will be seeking return of the money through the judicial system," Vic Black says.

I had been informed during the telephone “hook up” on Thursday that I was not being endorsed.
You have the emails. At that time I asked him for my money to be refunded. What they are now saying is that “if Vic Black had been a good boy it was our intention to let him run, which is a load of balls”.
Here's Vic Black's conversation with O'Dwyer, which he never responded to Black's call Friday 1.27pm. "All I wanted was to pick up a cheque and move on, and the text messaging was at 2.31 pm," Black said....
  • VIC BLACK: "What time did the state exec meet? As I believe Katrina Breen/Twomey/Tobin donnely were part of a telephone “hook up” at 3.30pm to have the pre selection re scheduled.

    “Michael. I am still waiting for confirmation as to where I can collect my Cheque. It can be a FNQ Zone cheque as long as there is sufficient money in the account. Looking forward to your earliest response. Vic Black."

    O'DWYER: "I responded to your email of last night re a prospective hook up with state exec at 4 pm. I will be in contact with you immediately before then to confirm. Regards, Michael”

    VIC BLACK: : “That’s all well and good but I haven’t read any emails today as I have been working and I cant see the point of wasting any more oxygen with you over this matter. Surely you don’t want the papers to read LNP steals candidates money.”

    O'DWYER: “ Vic Standby for a call as per my earlier advice”

    No more correspondence.


Unknown said...

Hey Mike, Bro

Kia Tau!

Why so much hate, what has Paul done to you - Are you offering us the opportunity to have a guessing game to figure out what it was?
I challenge bloggers to try and guess...

Me go first:
1. He sacked you from his employ

No, no, that couldn't be it.

2. He drove through a puddle and splashed you in the rain

No, that would generate much more hate than this.

3. You cracked onto him, and he turned you down?

Nah, too obvious

4. He commented on your moko and said that it looked un-masculine!!

That's it! I got it!

Whakamarire, Marino Bro!

MG said...

me I would have gone for no 4 lol

Michael P Moore said...

"Bruce", I alluded to the reason in my article the other day.

However, I will retell the full tale in detail in the next week or so, but since you're asking "what has Paul done" to me, I will share some information...

It involved a death threat. The telephone call was witnessed by others and recorded. It was not ambiguous but explicitly clear what he was suggesting. Councillor Blake, whom is taking defamation action against me, also has used this tactic on two previous occasions, which I have Affidavits for.

All these incidents are being taken to the Police for investigation and possible charges.

Another incident, which I will retell separately, had a direct involvement of Paul Freebody's son in an illegal and threatening incident against myself that Police conducted an investigation into. law late last year.

Yet another expose about Freebody's business dealings will be shared over the next week or so on CairnsBlog.

And these guys are meant to be politicians?

MG said...

Gee thats two people who have told you off.

Looks like you seem to ruffle lots of feathers and yet noone has bothered to do something about it until now

Funny how the CEO and Valey didnt want to get involved with the fiasco of you bullying blake yet they are fully supporting pyney representing you in the defamation case or havent either of you told them?????

Pyney may get his fingers burnt for being involved - surely means conflict of interest and more on his part

Unknown said...


Death threats. Big call, Bro.

Although calling someone's Ta Moko 'feminine' is probably a death threat in Otara, so please accept my apology, hey?

Call the pirihimana,roll the dice, take your chance - You also probably need to consider where you are gonna get room on the page for another thermometer?!


Unknown said...

Oh well Vic

What a stunning pair od canditates we have in cairns and barron river... FAILL

Seems the LNP what to hand Ms Bligh a even bigger majority...

To the LNP keep up the good work!

Informal Voter
Cause no one in cairns is worth voting for!

Unknown said...

Michael, does seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the Freebodies, prehaps he's sweet on Paul?

Can you imagine the 2 of them cuddled up in bed!!