Tuesday 15 February 2011

Conduct and behaviour allegations levelled at long-serving Cr Bonneau

This morning a letter will be delivered to Cairns Regional Council's CEO Lyn Russell, asking for a Crime and Misconduct investigation to be launched on one of the city's longest serving Councillors.

Councillor Robert Pyne is asking for Councillor Sno Bonneau, who was first elected in 1995, to be investigated, amid allegations of interest conflicts and lack of transparency when receiving donations. In the submission to the CEO, which included a computer disk of files, Pyne intends to show that an investigation needs to occur.

"I will deliver my letter to Ms Russell this morning," Robert Pyne said.

"The last thing I intend to say on this matter, until I get a formal response from Ms. Russell, is that I know many people are not happy with the Mayor and this Council, but the last thing we should do is go back to the politics of the past."

"We must use this Council as a bridge to a new politics in Cairns, with a focus on transparency and accountability, far removed from the grubby politics of the past,” Cr. Robert Pyne says.

On Sno Bonneau's website, he says he has "a good working relationship with community members, business and neighbourhood watch groups, sporting and voluntary associations, and have been successful in assisting them in obtaining funds and improvements to their facilities and services." However, many Clifton Beach and Palm Cove residents who formed the Combined Beaches Residents Association some years ago, have had a less-than favourable relationship with Councillor Bonneau. They say they often felt intimidated and ignored completely.

"I believe the list of allegations are serious and require investigation," Pyne says. "When this information came to my attention, I felt I have no option of not acting."

Pyne has cited what he believes is conflicts between Councillor Sno Bonneau's election gifts and donations and some developer he has supported. He says the CEO must act if she "merely suspects" the Councillor Bonneau "may be involved" in any official misconduct."

In early 2009, there were revelations that Councillor Bonneau was passing on private concerns from residents direct to a developer, in advance of a Council development approval.
Councillor Pyne says there is at least one other Councillor that may also need to be investigated.

"Yes there is, and I have some folk working on this right now as well."


Billy Colless said...

Good on CR Pyne, its about time that someone holds Sno accountable to his actions, for example he ran a massive campaign in 2008 around the upgrade of the Carrivonica State School pick up and drop off - basically wanting to make it more accessible and safe to drop our children off, however nearly 3 years later and we still are seeing no action from CR Bonneau? not even a update to his website from then?

Yet i bet that Sno wonders why people are not engaging in council, simply to the face that he as became lazy and got use to being a councillor. This is quite upsetting as the people of devision 9 need a proactive councillor supporting them, not simply a councillor sitting on their hill assuming all is ok.

More action needed, maybe CR is working towards his next book... Pratishthan: Shri Mataji's home in Pune 2?

Alison Alloway said...

Grubby politics of the PAST"???!!!!

We've witnessed a media led campaign of an unprecedented hate campaign against the current Mayor of Cairns since the very day she was elected. We've also seen unprecedented interference in the running of the Council by non-elected know-it-alls who are working in obvious tandem.

We've seen one of the best projects to be proposed for Cairns ruthlessly sabotaged by certain individuals with the sole objective of discrediting the Mayor.

Let's not kid ourselves that "grubby politics" is in the past. We have corrupted individuals whose sole ambition is to get into "power" at the expense of the well being of the city of Cairns and the people of Cairns.

It doesn't take much intelligernce to reason why.

Unknown said...

I think freebody should be investigated too.

Janine Aitken said...

It is with disappointment I read this story. When I ran for council in 2008 I had the great fortune of meeting many of the people who reside in division 9, I unfortunately did hear over and over again how the people in Cr Bonneau’s area didn’t feel represented or even listened to. When I called Cr Bonneau to congratulate him on winning the election we had quite a pleasant chat, in which I asked him to just represent the people of division 9. He assured me he would, I’m glad Cr Pyne is there to make sure someone is representing them.

MG said...

It is with disappointment that the mayor is never bought to task on anything in this blog.

Seeing this blog is part of her election campaign how does this fit with 'conflict of interest'

Another conflict of interest is the architects applying for designs of the valcano who were supporting her in the election and still do now

Lets get into that juicy little debate and see if this blog posts it...other wise might give the fodder to gavin king and he can report it first

Unknown said...

Councillor Bonneau's Mantra,
"I work with Developers"

Unknown said...

Good post MG.
The "architect" of course is the failed "Cairns 1st" candidate for Div 6.
And guess what ?
He designed that two legged monstrosity in City Place - the infamous toadstool.
God know what the Valcano will end up looking like !!!

Bryan Law said...

My fear is that the Valcano will look like a pimple on the gaping sphincter of ex-Councillor Alan Blake. What a nightmare that would be.

Unknown said...

Hey Lawbreaker ...

Whadda ya mean "ex" Councilor Alan Blake ?
He's still up there, in ya face, until Val calls the next election.
Probably Nov 2012.

As for failed architects. sorry candidates, this Kaffa probably initiated the Valcano to start with.

Why ain't the public/ratepayers consulted on who will design this $250,000,000.00 waste of money.

As well it's positioned, like the Hospital, in a not appropriate place with respect to tidal surge and other flood events.
What happened to common sense?

Bryan Law said...

xsta, baby, even for Cairns U R major wierdo.

You ARE Alan Blake's sphincter aren't you?

Far from being "in my face", Alan is cowering abjectly in his high-rise apartment, afraid of public engagements and shirking his Council responsibilities while entertaining thought of suicide.

Alternatively he's thinking about running for Mayor.

You got me on the "ex" bizzo. Alan's on the tit for another year. Could we agree that "Cr on the way OUT!" is an accurate description of ol' Snakey?

MG said...

now if i had said that about anyone i would be banned from the blog

double standards by mikey and valey and pyney

mikey you do realise pyney is your sphincter because he wants you onside rather than offside

using you big time

watch out i heard the next investigation to misconduct is the mayor herself.......ask pyney if he has checked out her architects and developers and supporters

MG said...

Seems mikey is only posting what he wants again.............not what is written

i say again isnt it interesting that if i had said the words old law of the land said then i would be banned as would others

reporting here is like watching paint dry

MG said...

on another note about conduct of councillors.........

how is it the council would not support Alan Blake in the harrassment done by this blog yet councillor pyne is now supporting this blog in the defamation case through representation ?????

pretty much a double standard and where are the ceo and mayor's view on this........oh thats right they are in cahoots

the old screw the councillors over that we have who are not in favour of the valcano so that we can get the valcano passed with the pet architects of val

hey buddy buddy you scratch my back I will scratch yours system is working well by the looks

MG said...

hey mikey lets begin a thread of what is fabrication and forgery ????

there are documents circulating around the town that have signatures, photos, and information copied and pasted from other documents to fabricate evidence

there are camera's recording people's personal lives and snapshots - police have already been called on numerous occassions for invasions of privacy being committed

me thinketh its time to start gathering evidence of these wrong doings and give the evidence to appropriate authorities

would you like to join me on the hunt MM????????