Sunday 20 February 2011

Freebody, Trout, Quick and Bachelor: the LNP line up

A series of LNP pre-selection meetings held today at the party's Mulgrave Road campaign office in Cairns, has selected a surprising line up of candidate to contest the wall of Labor incumbents at the next State election.

CAIRNS - Paul Freebody
Former Cairns city councillor, car wash owner/manager and water park developer, has been endorsed by the Liberal National Party for the seat of Cairns.

Former Cairns Chamber of Commerce chief Bob Norman, who was Warren Entsch's preferred candidate; tourism identity T
erry Russell, also contested the pre-selections.
Vic Black's membership was terminated late on Friday night, eliminating his candidature. TaxSmart owner S
cott Andrews decided not to put his name forward, after planning to prior to Christmas.

BARRON RIVER - Michael Trout
Runs Blazing Saddles, horse riding and ATV quad bike tours in Kuranda. Former board member Tourism Tropical North Queensland.

Building and pest inspector Ian Lydiard; Lisa Dunkerton, who was a vocal advocate against public housing at Palm Cove and Trinity Park; Federal policeman Murray Ferguson, and Scott Elliot, also contested the pre-selections.

MULGRAVE - Robyn Quick
Quick was selected by default, being the only candidate. Partner of long-time party member and campaign strategist, Dennis Quick. Robyn ran for Herbert in the 1993 Federal election with the Nationals, and has also worked in senior roles at Cairns City Council. She lives at Fishery Falls.

COOK - Craig Bachelor
Bachelor was selected by default, being the only candidate. He has served as a Councillor in Mareeba Shire and ran for the LNP in 2008 against Jason O'Brien, who retained the seat with a narrow 827 votes.
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Anonymous said...

Not exactly a lot to be happy about there, if you happen to vote LNP. No stand out candidates but then maybe they don't want standouts but lapdogs. Shows what a stronghold Mulgrave is, if they only have one person put their hand up.
Looking at the line up, I truly wonder if they have any desire for the LNP to be elected at all.

Bryan Outlaw said...

The Cairns blog has the goss on Freebody, along with what's been published here before the last council election.

Freebody is as worthless as tits on a boar. The LNP could have captured the seat of Cairns with any reasonable candidate, but instead we're going to see a Labor win on this seat because Freebody is completely unelectable.

Now might be time for that fat fucker Bryan Law to run on the Labor ticket. Even HE could beat Freebody.

BTW anyone know if Freebody is still married?