Saturday 5 February 2011


Just this arvo got the phone and internet back on. Anyone would think we live in a third world without them.

I did a phone interview with ITN's Channel 4 in London, just before midnight as Cyclone Yasi headed towards the coast.. more on that later.

There was way too much fear-moungering by the Premier and the PM, including the shameful media. Wonder if Bligh will call an early election to capture her new-found likeability? Gilliard running around in an army uniform is a bit too much to stomach. When politicians start doing weather reports, I get rather suspicious.

Share your Yasi story, without mentioning the following words: Labor; Bligh is a true hero; worst storm in the history of the planet; idiots with generators; Val shouyld should smile on the telly....


Tanya Brooks-Cooper said...

If I were her [Gilliard] I would, though she said shortly after the floods she wouldn't - she was focussing on driving the recovery period.

She's done an awesome job leading a very strong team of extremely talented professionals. They have done Qld proud.

Nick Thompson said...

I think her reporting made everyone prepared and I'm pleased we all were.

Trent Evans said...

I'm with you Nick. This storm has killed people. Period. That's not fear moungering.

Tanya Brooks-Cooper said...

Ahh I think a perk of being in power is the cool outfits and suits you get to wear without having to pass the training and tests!

When I'm PM I'm going to demand a taser and a hard hat with my initials on. In hot pink. It's only appropriate!!!!

Andrew Neaves said...

its revenue mongering if nothing else. check out ch7 right now = flood special. ch 9 right now = cyclone special. its like driving past an accident, people love to watch it and as long as they are watching, stations sell advertising space, which keeps journalists in jobs who search for more gore, which makes for news, which people watch, which makes for advertising blah blah blah.

Andrew Neaves said...

and Anna's disaster text messageto tully residents 45 minutes before she told everyone it was too late to evacuate........???

Dale Schultz said...

I guess it's only fear mongering if the disaster doesn't eventuate huh? We had a week's warning that Yasi was coming. Cairns was amazingly lucky. I bet if Cairns had been hit, people would complain all the coverage was still not enough...

Raj Patel said...

I was trying to find Desley Boyle on the media to hear her thoughts being the member for cairns,had no luck

Ty Branaman said...

i was shocked when power outages every where including major intersections st lights, cars backed up and dangerous wiht nobody around yet 8 cairns police were out in force writing up parking tickets!

Bryan Law said...

My fave is Julia Killhard at Port Hinchinbrook. In an Army camo blouse, with a Blackhawk commset attached to her head. What on Earth she was using it for, I don't know. maybe she forgot her ipod. It wasn't plugged in, of course, but it could have been wireless. Wonder what her call-sign was? Assassin? (sorry Kev) Boofhead? Glory hunter?

Bryan Law said...

Let's not confuse warning with fear-mongering.

"The approaching Cyclone is very dangerous. All of us are responsible for preparing maximum safety to preserve life and property. I know this community is able to work together and get through this period of danger. Stay tuned and follow instructions"


"My God it's frightening, very frightening, terrifying. The most life-threatening weather event ever. It's enough to make one panic. Run away, run away. If you're staying bunker down. Follow the instructions we send out in the middle of the night.

hmmmm, which one was most appealing to Anna B Liar?

Michael P Moore said...

uummm no Trent, the storm killed no one. Not a single person.

Unknown said...

"Idiots with generators"... Mike, you really can be heartless. Not everybody is as infallible as you. You seem more concerned about getting your internet connection back up than the life of this young man. Just so you know, the world was not concerned about your lack of posts over your outage.

I would have thought that a person with your journalistic background would appreciate that different people come from different backgrounds and have varied life experiences. I overestimated you.

This young man, who faced the terror alone died needlessly. Had he realized what he was doing I have no doubt he would have done something to correct himself. It's clear he wanted to live and that he wasn't suicidal.

I can recall many occasions when this silent death has struck otherwise intelligent people. Whether it be depressurized aircraft cabins or the two brothers who asphyxiated in a snow cave sheltering from a storm in the Snowy Mountains. They would all have done something if their faculties hadn't been impaired.

Forbid you ever make a mistake greater than spelling mistakes. You are good at that by the way.

All the good work you have done, to your credit is evident, can so easily be cast aside. I had great empathy for you in your current legal predicament but now I think maybe it is just deserts.

I was angered by the judge's indifferent comments about your valid and immediate need to visit your ill Mother. After reading the tone of your writings regarding this I thought you would have had more compassion than what you have displayed in your last two posts.

I wonder if you wish a certain councilor would show you a little compassion? Whether right or wrong your actions may impact significantly on your circumstances just like the young man and the generator.

Karma keeps floating around in my mind.

an utterly foolish or senseless person.
Psychology . a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.


KitchenSlut said...

I can't imagine much that would destroy Anna Bligh's newly rehabilitated image more quickly than the cynicism that would follow calling an election a year early? Lets not forget that Bligh called an early election last time for cynical reasons only subsequently revealed.