Wednesday 9 February 2011

Councillor Pyne says flood-prone developments should not be allowed

In Councillor Robert Pyne's latest video message to his constituents, which he mistakenly introduces as 2001, he talks about flood immunity in Cairns following the recent extensive flooding experienced around South East Queensland.

Pyne, whose division is on the South side of Cairns, taking in Mt Sheridan, Woree and White Rock, raises concerns about approving residential developments that have been allowed in flood prone areas.

"A long-term, strategic approach is also needed," Robert Pyne says. "This must include greater scrutiny before residential developments are allowed. It must also include individual councillors being prepared to just say no when they have any concerns about flood immunity or the effect of sea level rise."

"Yes, property developers do have legal rights, and they can take Council to court, but if the Planning and Environment court want to allow residential development in flood-prone areas, they can be answerable to future generations that are affected by flood damage."

"I for one would not have that on my conscious," Robert Pyne says.

He also raises the future use of redundant sugar cane train corridors that meander through many southern suburbs, graffiti and dengue fever.

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Bryan Law said...

Robert Pyne is a Local Living Treasure in Cairns Regional Council.

He is 100% correct in seeking to build safety into the future of Cairns. We should all get behind him, and let our desires be known to Robert's less democratic colleagues (and the bureacrats that rule them).