Thursday 24 February 2011

Councillor Bonneau to be investigated by Crime and Misconduct Commission

Following Cairns Regional Councillor Robert Pyne's allegations of misconduct and conflict of interests levelled at fellow Councillor Sno Bonneau, a formal investigation will proceed.

CEO Lyn Russell has determined that the complaint against Sno Bonneau is "not frivolous" or "vexatious."

This conclusion arose following a meeting between Pyne, Mayor Val Schier and the CEO.

A substantive DVD of files and supporting information including emails, was provided.

As a result of the new Local Government Act, the full investigation of the claims against Councillor Bonneau will not be conducted by Council, but by the Crime and Misconduct Commission.


Michael P Moore said...

hello olly here cool blog

MG said...

well well how about pyney turning his blasting torch on the mayor herself lots of crime and misconduct daily

she needed an assistant to assist her in carrying out her mayoral duties for goodness sake

Anonymous said...

Persistance will out eh?!!!
Well done Rob. Now we just wait.

MG said...

pyney has made a deal with valey to oust those who dont agree with the valcano..........hello its not rocket science people just go back over public records on the council site and look who supported the cairns people who are against such a monstrosity and you will see that those who opposed are now on the hit list

can valey stand up to the same scrutiny??????????

gender blender said...

finally somebody will look into this matter after many years of rumbling

MG said...

The question that begs asking is -

Who appointed pyne as investigator or even gave pyne authority to access information that requires a subpoena????????

That would mean the mayor and ceo

Wonder what Tom Pyne would of thought of the mudgrub tactics his son now uses to get ahead in the world. He certainly isnt a chip off the old block in getting out there and doing something except stabbing others in the back.

MG said...

In these times of crisis where we need a council who is united and behind us supporting us with a rebuilding of the area........what are valey and pyney doing?

Ripping it apart and causing discontent with many in Cairns.

And this article isnt even a factual one at that

Seems that your leak at the council aka valey pyney and a couple of others will fry you as well when all is said and done

Its the only way to get rid of the evidence of fabrications

Pyney better check also whether the claims he made are valid within the statutory period that existed before the new amendments to council policy were applied

Anonymous said...

Oh, MG, i love yer work but you have all these fancifull allegations with no evidence to back you up.

I would say that Pyne and Shier are part of a One World Socialist Government backed by Goldman and Sachs, I'm sure you'd agree.

The best plan is to fit up Pyne or even say that McKenzie is being paid to pretend that Shier is mayor when REALLY it's Cochrane calling the shots.

Whadya reckon old mate?

MG said...

Bosch thats a very good statement. LMAO

There is evidence but its time consuming aquiring so let me just assure you that all will be revealed when its done.

I am a busy person with other committments so if you have anything to to contribute let us know

Pyne is gullible if he thinks by doing Val's bidding he will win out in the end

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's time consuming, let me lend a helping hand MG, I am happy to bury Shier in her vast web of corruption. Say the word and I'm yours.

I know it's hectic with all yer business dealings to get on top of this Corruption Crime Fighter blather.

There's this thing called Google, another with an ABN/ACN search, i suggest you cross reference using those first.

Or do you have an "I just ate dugong and it tastes GREAT" email from that idiot Shier. Now that's something I'd be interested in.