Saturday 18 December 2010

Saturday SoapBlog: Bryan Law - Encouraging peacemaking

Bryan Law is on his final mission, before he leaves Cairns next year.

He encourages everyone to do their own version of peacemaking.

Hi groovers.

I’m getting ready for my 2011 program of peace activism, and have been putting some stuff up on the web. There are also some pages of history and a ploughshares proposal.

I’m planning to move to Rockhampton in May 2011 to do some prep for Talisman Sabre 2011.

Before I leave Cairns, I want to make sure I participate in an ANZAC EVE Vigil in my town. I wrote about this on CairnsBlog last month.

I notice that Graeme Dunstan, and some of the Silver Wattle crew are making progress on an event at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. There’s a page of correspondence with the Major-General in charge.

I also put a page up on the Waihopai Spybase protests this January in NZ. There are links established between Oz and Kiwi activists between Waihopai, Pine Gap, ANZAC Day, and Ploughshares.

I’ve missed participating in earlier discussions about affinity groups, mass actions, and how to develop a Peace movement. I’ve been thinking about it. I know that many are asking questions about how to organise most effectively.

One thing that comes up for me is that I just don’t have any answers suitable for others. I can resonate with Benjo’s desire for an effective mass action, and a blockade seems perfectly legitimate as a target. I’d even be willing to join in.

I’d love even more to see activist groups rise up around the country, at all the available sites, to withdraw consent for war. I’m willing to join in that too.

In the long run, I rely on the decency of human beings, the power of nonviolence, and the love of God.

Meantime I do my best to act effectively within my own capacity. In my city. Cairns is a smallish regional city of 150,000. On the margins of Queensland, facing high costs and state neglect, our economy is in recession, and the key tourism industry is bleeding. Apart from that, and some endemic racism, alcoholism and intolerance, Cairns is alright. Nice place to winter.

After 17 years I’ve got fair recognition, and a minor voice in public affairs. The warships campaign has been more successful than not. Temporarily I have a strong relationship with the local daily. In the past month I’ve been able to stimulate discussion of the AUStralian/US Ministerial conference, The US Alliance, and defend Wikileaks. More permanently, there is CairnsBlog.

I’m certain that if we want to stop war we have to win and lead the active support of many citizens we don’t yet have on side. Conversion by example has a long, honourable history in the peace movement.

So for me it feels like I’ve been doing alright. I’ve got a coherent program that feels “right” to me. Some public relations, some ploughshares, some pretty powerful personal commitment, all of which leads to prison for an intermediate time. It feels right.

So for me personally, the question isn’t “mass movement” Vs “affinity groups”, it’s how to make my own actions as effective as I possibly can at winning converts, and getting in the way of war’s “business as usual”.

I encourage everyone else to do their own version of peacemaking.


Bryan Outlaw said...

Regarding Bryan Law's "Attack America" website listed above in this story.

Law is so fixated on attacking our American allies.

The photo on the front page of this blog that he claims is "US military helicopter at Rockhampton Airport during TS09" says, in fact, "Canada" on the side.

So it ISN'T a US helicopter. Is it at Rockhampton during TS09? Is it even a helicopter.

Facts are important. Bryan Law has been caught in his own web of lies time and time again. He's a disgrace to humanity.

Unknown said...

To Bryan Outlaw,
You have an Irish forename but you sprook like a protestant pom. I don't necessarily agree with Bryan Law but I totally agree with his push to outlaw war. Perhaps you believe that war is a good thing??? Maybe you have never been to war...somone elses war....the yanks perhaps...they love love love yanks.
You poor simple sod...The yanks are to root cause of every major social, civil, religious and military problem this world has today. Open your eyes mate. Do you really think it is good to kill off our youth for the nett benifit of 'Uncle Sam'?...ask the mothers and wives and their kids how wonderful it is to send their loved one off to war and get them back in a box.
chrisgaff 200

Steve said...

The U.S.A is a nuclear, chemical and biological weaponised State with a policy of weaponising space and a history of invading any nation that doesn't follow their economic planning. A State that, at the very least, made a massive blunder in supporting Saddam Hussein with military and technical inteligence and chemical weapons. Iraq used these against its Kurdish poulation (a people used to being gassed by imperialists, as Winston Churchill first used 'Mustard Gas' on them in 1917) A State that accidentally bombs embassy's in Europe, milk factories in Africa and civilians in the Middle East is verbaly assaulted by Bryan Law...who is accused of incorrectly labling a photograph,...mate, I might even incorrectly label some photos on a blog in support, how'd you like that?

Not only am I now going to support Bryan I'm going to actively encourage others to do so. Well done Bryan for standing up against the tyranny of imperialism you are not alone.

When those who wrote the bible wrote about the 6th Cohort of the 6th Maniple of the 6th Legion they gave them the code word of 'the beast' the most evil, vile and repugnant military force known in their time, who like the U.S. Military did their work in the name of peace keeping, imperialism and "the greater good".

The disgusting thing about the U.S.'s military force is that like the imperialists who obeyed their Caesar they do their work in the name of the same Christian God Bryan has faith in. This leads me to ask the question to those who blindly follow the sick and twisted policies of our military allies; Which nuclear powered battle group? which Abrams tank corp? Which military shuttle flight would Jesus take command of? and who would he bomb?

Steve Brech

Bryan Law said...

My cyberstalker BO, I'd never expect you to take my word for anything. Check out this site if you want an independent source on military aircraft movements through Rockhampton Airport.

Which would choose BO for a bit of creative disarmament?