Thursday 16 December 2010

29-year-old Atherton man drowns in Barron River

The body of a man has been recovered from the Barron River near Kuranda this morning.

A search yesterday until late last evening, failed to locate the body of the 29-year-old Atherton man, who went missing while kayaking Wednesday afternoon. He didn't surface after kayaking, on the Barron Falls River.

Around 2pm a group of men went down one of the falls, at the victim went over the falls but did not surface. His kayak was found near rocks. An emergency services helicopter located the body just before 7am today.

A worker from the Kuranda Bistro, who home is close to the Barron Falls River, heard the helicopters early this morning.

"It's amazing that anyone would be kayaking around that area at this time of year," she told CairnsBlog. "The upper falls area is very dangerous and we were surprised to hear what has happened."

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