Friday 17 December 2010

Electricity price to rise another 6%

Cairns' residents will have only just noticed the extrordinary 13% increase appearing on their Ergon power bills in the last two quarters.

Yesterday’s draft decision by the Queensland Competition Authority to again increase electricity bills by 5.83%, means that by the end of the current financial year, electricity bills have risen by 63% since Labor privatised Energex and Ergon in 2007.

Annual electricity bills have increased on average $700 in four years. The cost-of-living increases in Queensland are spiraling out of control. Car registration, Council rates, licencing fees, water, petrol.

The latest power increase, is almost twice the rate of inflation.

Average Household Electricity Bill

% rise





Year Beginning 1 July 2007 (QCA)




Year Beginning 1 July 2008 (QCA)




Year Beginning 1 July 2009 (QCA)




Year Beginning 1 July 2010 (QCA)




Year Beginning 1 July 2011
(QCA Draft decision 16 Dec 2010)




Source: Queensland Competition Authority

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armyboi said...

I live alone, turn off all power except the fridge when I leave the house, have the water heater turned on for 1 hour every 3 days and still have an electricity bill of between $300 and $400 per quarter. I have carried out the replacement of the light bulbs, which I hate incidentally, and keep my air con at maximum 25c. What more can I do? Get a better paying job I supose. So much for our state government control of prices. They contribute more to inflation than anything else. Anna Bligh you will never get my vote and neither will the Labour Party. All your party stands for is inflation.