Friday 31 December 2010

Little Brit boys return with another outrageous series

UK comedy lovers are in for a treat. It's been four years since the offensive and crazy Little Britain screened.

Now the creators Matt Lucas and David Walliams are back with Come Fly With Me, a mocumentary comedy about fictional airlines FlyLo, Our Lady Air and Great British Air. Matt and David play the majority of the outrageous characters including staff and passengers, in what appears to be a spoof of reality airport shows.

ABC in Australia are expected to screen the show during 2011.

It was filmed at London's Stansted Airport and Robin Hood Airport at Sheffield in September. Cameras were given amazing access to the busy terminals. My favourite characters in the first show is 80-year-old Hetty Wolf who is evidently taking her first-ever flight. Also, look out for Precious Little who runs the coffee shop; husband and wife pilots Simon and Jackie, as they deal with their marriage woes at 35,000 feet; Melody and Keeley are FlyLo's check in chicks, and along with Asuka and Nanako Tawaka, Japanese twin schoolgirls, it's a confronting and silly comedy for lovers of Little Britain.

They told Graham Norton last week that Come Fly was not as rude at their previous show.

The new show was first screened on BBC on Christmas day and immediately jumped straight to the top of the list of most-watched comedy programmes of 2010 with 10 million viewers - 41% viewer share.

Here's the first episode. Try not to be too offended and slip to the easy conclusion that it's cheap and racist. It's not. It's just plain funny.

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MB said...

I saw these two on Graham Norton too and had a laugh when they mentioned that regular travellers were trying to check in at their fictitious airline check-in desk at the airport which was part of the TV set.