Monday 26 March 2012

State election over, Council campaign starts

The blood hadn't even dried on Labor's corpse before campaign signs started appearing at 7am Sunday morning.

Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane, in her bid to become to second woman mayor of Cairns on April 28th, didn't leave a second free until the State election was over on Saturday night.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Cochrane and her team installed election corfluttes across the city under her "Community Alliance" banner.

Councillor Diane Forsyth said that candidate some wait a little while before bombarding the community.

"I believe it is too soon to put out Local Government election material," Diane Forsyth said. "I will be giving the residents in Division 7 a break before putting out my signs."

Some State election signs has been removed and dumped according to Mulgrave resident Matthew Church.

"A whole heap of Robyn Quick and Michael Trout signs were dumped in my backyard last night. I saw Council election signs erected where the dumped signs once stood."

It's highly likely that the huge change in political governance in Queensland will have an effect on the way people will vote for their new Council. There is such a mood for change that no sitting councillor or mayor is assured of a free home run.

Come the end of April, Queensland voters will be exhausted from all the political carry-on.

Deputy Mayor Cochrane, along with former Ports chief Bob Manning, property retired developer Ian Thomas, will all challenge Val Schier for the city's top job on Saturday April 28th.


Michael Weitzmann said...

I'm thinking that Dianne Forsyth will be giving the residents of Division 7 a much longer break very soon!

Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG) said...

perhaps MW will think about coming clean as to when he arrived here and whom he represents ... is he the "handler" for new MP>GK>LNP
... a cancerous "agentur" per the protocols of Zion ?

Michael Weitzmann said...

CRAG.....what has how long I've been here got to do with anything? As for the so called "protocols of the elders of zion", this is a notorious anti-semitic fake, widely used by the pre-revolutionary Russians and the Nazi's as an excuse to persecute Jews, and you should be ashamed to even quote it as backing your arguement.

Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG) said...

MW as you well know the only true semites left in Palestine are the Arabs imprisoned behind walls in Gaza-West Bank ... the occupiers are counterfeit semites whose veins flow with the ancient Khazar bloodline, from the now Georgia.

So back to the issue,who's pulling your strings ?

Michael Weitzmann said...

John Babet (CRAG) I pull my own strings thanks. Your views on Jews are in keeping with the Nazi document you defend, although it has been proved a forgery since the 1920's. I find it hard to believe that there are people in 2012 that hold to such beliefs, let alone be brazen enough as to air them publicly as you have done. The issue you have tried to divert me back to is trivial compared to your anti-semitic beliefs. Too bad for you there are no concentration camp guard positions going now.....SHAME!

Destiny Prophet said...

I will never forgive John Babet for forcing me to agree with Michael Weitzmann on something.