Saturday 17 March 2012

Cairns Katter candidate welcomes LNP preferences backflip

Katter's Australian Party candidate for Cairns, Darren Hunt, has welcomed the move by the Cairns LNP to ignore their official party position on preferences with Katter’s Australia Party.

“It is clear from the actions of the Cairns LNP team that they realise their candidate is in trouble and are now ignoring their party’s much publicised position on preferences," Darren Hunt said today. "Even though the party continues to trot out the tired old line of just Vote 1, in reality the Cairns LNP are telling voters they have a preference deal with The Australian Party.”

“It is a bit rich of the Cairns LNP to tell voters at the polls that they are exchanging preferences with us, when their candidate continues to tell the public they will not get involved with minor parties or the ‘Mad Katters’. They need to be honest with the electorate."

Darren Hunt says that if Gavin King wanted a preference deal with Katter's Australian Party, he should just :have the courage to come out publicly and ask" instead of getting his lackeys to do it behind the scenes.

"It just highlights the ongoing hypocrisy of this party and this candidate in particular,” Darren Hunt says. “The truth is we do not have a preference arrangement with any one so the LNP should stop misleading voters."

"Our position is clear: put the Australian Party candidates first, put who you don’t want last and fill in the middle however you please. That way your vote will always count and ensure the person you don’t want to get in, does not benefit from your vote.”

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:John: Babet, Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG) said...

P T Barnum speaking like a politician ... "There's a sucker born every minute"

Lets hope that Katter-Australian is not just another aspect of "Heglian Dialectic"
ie the hidden puppet masters controlling all sides of an issue to achieve their predetermined goal. Lets give them a go and SEE