Wednesday 18 January 2012

Jetstar forgets Cairns again

Budget airline Jetstar has again left Cairns off their website.

Bree Haigh from Hot FM was trying to book flights today when Cairns as a departure origin point was not recognised on Jetstar's online booking website.

''The website is proving very frustrating today. Cairns doesn't seem to be a valid departure destination,'' Bree Haigh said. ''Whatever. You know what I mean. I have tried with [other browsers) and other departure points seem to be working."

Jetstar have responded and appologised.

"Thanks for letting us know. Sorry about that," a representative from Jetstar Australia said. "We've got our IT team currently working on this now.''

Another local has reported a similar error on Virgin's website with their happy hour discounts.

Jetstar have offered traveller a 'simplified version' of their booking site. Over the last three years, thousands of travellers have vented their airline goofs and mishaps on Don't Fly Jetsar.

Another embrassing error was exposed from the Jetstar website, in a write-up about Cairns, that has since been completely re-written...
  • Introducing Cairns

    Mangrove boardwalks and croc-infested rivers by the airport, busy retail areas bursting with Ken Done clothes and stuffed koalas, and a unique tropical air make Cairns a spread-out city of surprises.

    The beautifully designed and perfectly located lagoon on the Esplanade is an attempt to make up for the fact that waterfront Cairns doesn’t actually have a beach, and when the sun comes out so do locals and backpackers, creating a bikini-clad mirage in the city centre.

    Cairns can be a boom or bust town, depending on who’s flying whom in; Japanese and Korean tourists are well catered for, and everyone’s offered a good ol’ Aussie time in the nightclubs and hostels. It’s a city where the casino doubles as a rainforest, and you can walk straight from the nightclub to the pier and catch one of the many morning boats that make the daily island or reef, diving or snorkelling pilgrimage.
The same error occurred in April last year when Jetstar left Cairns off for a long period over a weekend from the booking system. They explained that the ''temporary issue'' was associated with the cutover to an improved website.

"We’re confident that all our customers will appreciate the improvements we've delivered to make the website even more user friendly while also giving it a fresh new look," Jetstar said at the time.

''It has now been fully repaired,'' Jetstar Australia said. Apparently not.


nomooremike said...

They've still fucked up though, have a look at this bit from their site ...

"Mt Whitfield Conservation Park: This last remaining vestige of Cairns rainforest has some scenic hiking trails"

The last remaining vestige of Cairns rainforest?

What's that at the back of my place then?

And I'm on the South side.

Jimbo Cairns said...

Tiger is starting to look good again