Tuesday 24 January 2012

Former Val Schier candidate, Richie Bates, joins Bob Manning's Unity team

Trade Union and Labor activist Richie Bates, has joined the Unity team to contest the central city division 5 seat for Cairns Regional Council.

Bates will join a team headed by former Cairns Ports chief Bob Manning, who will contest the mayoralty.

"Cairns needs a collaborative and disciplined Council, one that will work together for the benefit of the region," said Richie Bates, who has been outspoken in recent weeks about the current Council's inability to work together over issues like the Cairns Entertainment Precinct.

Richie Bates says the Unity team represents a diverse group.

''It is a team that is broadly representative of the community and ready to govern for all," Bates says. "Bob Manning has shown courage and passion by bringing together a cohesive team of people from a range of backgrounds and expertise."

"Unfortunately, independent candidates have not delivered the cooperative approach needed to restore confidence and prosperity to this city," Richie Bates says. "The Cairns region deserves much better and now is the time to return to a united team for the community, Unity 2012 is that team."


Janet Brown said...

So is Bob Manning now the worker's friend? I've heard it all now! Good luck Richie. I've never met you but I suspect you will have trouble getting Bob and the team to look out for workers like me.

Alison Alloway said...

Hmm, I well recall what happened to the old Alliance Team which also had "a range of people from different backgrounds" in it. To quote Alan Hudson from his book '"Growing Up With Cairns" Page 133...."Alliance's appeal disintegrated over so much in-fighting and self-serving grandstanding by some of its members that it was wiped out when it lost to Kev Byrne's Unity Team in 1994."

nomooremike said...
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nomooremike said...

So it's party politics for Cairns now?

Look after the party, not your electorate.

You sold your soul to the devil Ritchie, I hope you come last.

(Mike, please delete previous entry)

nomooremike said...

I wrote "Bob" there instead of Ritchie, and asked Mike to delete it.

CairnsBlog moderator said...

Those commentors that use an ID to log in, have the ability to edit or delete their own comments.

nomooremike said...

There is no way to edit it, only delete it.

I would have thought, seeing as I posted the correct version, and asked you to delete the wrong one, that you could have obliged.

Instead, you posted the wrong one, and refused to post the corrected version. You then posted my comment about not deleting the first one.

Will you post this too?

And you wonder why this place is slowly dying?

Richie said...

Thanks Alison, another example might be Cairns 1st. A team and supporters that promised so much, yet were left to wither and die after the 2008 election.