Wednesday 26 January 2011

Investigation launched into overnight Edmonton death

Police have asked their Ethical Standards Command to investigate how a 39-year-old man died during a police call out in Edmonton, South Cairns last night.

Around 9pm, police were called to a dispute in Hartill Street where a man was discovered acting in a threatening manner towards occupants and the police.

''Attempts to negotiate with the man, however, he was later discovered deceased in the building,'' a statement from Queensland Police said this morning. ''Officers at the scene commenced CPR on the man while ambulance officers gained access.''

A report is being prepared for the coroner and the investigation will be overseen by the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

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Alexander Reid LP2 said...

I was almost killed, Lying face down, handcuffed and unable to breath with the full weight of a police officer on my back, (his knee between my shoulder blades)

I could not inhale and my heart was being crushed by the offices weight between my shoulder blades.
It was really frightening. I had to scream or try to say I cant breath but could only just force the words out.

All because I refused to wear a bicycle helmet.

I am not allowed to modify my helmet and 4 people die each day! in Australia, from preventable skin cancer. Each year a small number die from a head injuries received in a push bike incident. Clear evidence shows a rise in hospital admissions for bicycle accidents since the introduction of the bicycle helmet legislation. Tens of thousands of young girls no longer get the healthy disease preventing exercise, Australia now has the fattest children in the world.
Smart State indeed,