Tuesday 25 January 2011

CAPTION CONTEST: Remembering Jim

As we just learnt, the Member for Cook, Jason O'Brien, heads off to Peru today in search of Llamas, an alert CairnsBlog reader came across this snap.

It's the former Federal Member for Leichardt, Jim Turnour, who lost his seat to Warren Entsch, 54.2% to 45.8%. Jim took a well-deserved non-taxpayer-funded international holiday with Tiffany and Zoe. It looks as if he went to some wild and far out places. Maybe Jim and Jason are going to share a log cabin, high in the Peru mountains?

It's screaming out for a caption or two. As always, I'll start the llama spitting...

  1. "At last, someone who really understands me!"
  2. "Are you telling me, I should have dressed like this and it would have got the attention of the Cairns Post?"
  3. "This post-election job as ABC's roaming wildlife commentator is really not that different to my last job: some of them spit at me, others can't understand a word, and I can make all kinds of nice promises and they really don't know any difference."
  4. "Actually, with a steady diet of cheese burgers and coke, this one would resemble Warren Entch in no time."
  5. "So you once used to be a member of parliament, did you? I hear it's not that different to me. I shit wherever I like; do what I want; expect to get fed and watered; and really don't have to do anything for a few years. Not a bad ticket, if you know what I mean."
  6. "..................your turn ......................"


Bryan Law said...

"Agent Jim, your instructions from the central committee are to do everything possible to destroy Agent Grau!"

"I'll give him my warm personal endorsement. He can't possibly survive it."

D.J.HUNT said...

Hey Jim I hope you and O'Brien aren't going to carry on like that Rudd while you're here!