Sunday 14 March 2010

Cyclone Ului could be bigger than Larry

Tropical Cyclone Ului is going to be a monster by the time it reaches the Queensland coast according to local weather watcher and computer nerd, Carl Butcher.

"Expect a very intense category 5 system, stronger than Cyclone Larry," Carl says.
Ului is still 2,000km off the East coast and would take until next weekend before it gets in striking distance. Last evening the Bureau of Meteorology reported...
  • Tropical Cyclone Ului, now a category 2, was located northwest of Vanuatu near latitude 13.8 south longitude 164.4 east at 10am AEST Saturday.

    Tropical Cyclone Ului is expected to continue to intensify while moving slowly westward.

However, Ului has now intensified to a Category 4 storm overnight. Current position 13.0 SOUTH 162.4 EAST. If you're a real weather watcher, follow Carl's cyclone update on Twitter, or the US Military cyclone observation.


weather watcher said...

This is also a good site to track it:

mark long time weather watcher and cyclone predicter said...

i believe this storm Tropical Cyclone Ului category 5 will impact on the queensland coast in a major way beginning on friday effecting south of the burdekin area tracking south through the whitsunday islands and continuing on a destructive path before veering away of the coast near gladstone i believe that it may or may not cross the coast but will be very close to it at a high cat 4 storm The last major Cyclone that visited the Whitsundays was on 17th January 1970. Tropical
Cyclone Ada struck the Whitsundays, Shute Harbour and Proserpine after devastating
tourist resorts on Hayman, Daydream, Long, South Molle and Hook Islands.get ready and be prepared for this monster queensland

r hall said...

To me its heading straight for Brisbane with a path of destruction along the way. Wait and see

Paul said...

Cairns Post saying its bearing down on us and they'd know, They've predicted thirty of the last five cyclones.

sick of them hiding said...

The only cyclone the local representatives need to worry about is the storm of voters waiting to vote them out !
Never have I lived anywhere that the elected members are so useless.
They shafted their supporters with the assets sell off .

They stay silent hoping things like the southern access road plan that destroys 380 odd familes for the next 30 years , due to their stupid plan.
The poor buggers at palm cove/bluewater/edmonton and other locales , that are getting new blocks of public noise.

The mayor building a monument to herself that her and fifty of her mates will use , but we will pay for.

Douglas shire being shafted re amalgamation.

Yet with all this happening do you hear any of these non representaives defending any of the issues NO .

Parachute pitt what do I do now daddy ,desley I am a bloke really boyle, where is port douglas again redwine obrien and steve I did a last minute deal with the greens phew steve wettonnoballs and the piece de resistance jim mumbles scooter I will ask the minister to look into it because I am as dumb as dogshit turitup turnour , just sit there and say nothing at least come out and say something you weak dumb idiots !

Lady Macbeth said...

Ha ha ha, 'Sick of them hiding' you make me laugh so much I have a sore tummy. There is no more accurate comment than one that comes from a betrayed supporter.
Just heard on the ABC that 'Rudd the Dudd' is today the Canberra talk of a succession plan. Yes already! Julia 'Pinnochio' Gillard sits smugly behing Rudd's back. Anthony 'wont fix my teeth' Albanese is scurring stacking the numbers for a Easter sacrifice.
Yet, Rudd pomised so much, lifted the spirits of so many and is now the bane of all others. I am running for cover for I fear my house catching fire.

Steven Nowakowski said...

'sick of them hiding' - if you are so disenfranchised with the current crop of politicians then stand as a candidate at the next election, you have three tiers to choose from. This is true democracy at work. If you feel so strongly and passionate about positive change do something about it instead of babbling on with crap.

Monty of Mooroobool said...

Lady Macbeth, is what you say the truth or is it something you read in the Murdoch Liberal Gazette?
In the real world Rudd holds a steady 55-30 lead as preferred prime minister compared to wing nut Abbott in the polls so you are saying the majority of voting Australians are idiots. But of course you would. Apparently the reason why Abbott didn't get eaten by dingoes when he was lost in the outback a few weeks ago - professional respect.

nocturnal congress said...

Never mind Paui. Soon you will have the exquisite pleasure and joy of paying for hospital care in Queensland. Now let's see...a car accident will probably cost you your house...oh joy, oh joy, oh joy. Yeah mate, get in there and change the Government. Do it. Oh, and don't grow old because peo0ple like you don't make old bones of course.

Lady Macbeth said...

Monty, I do not know much about the feeding habits of dingoes, but by association it seems obvious that you have something in common with the cannine species.
No I dont read the Murdoch press but I do note what I hear and you obviously do not note what you read.
What I wrote about was heard on your ABC, the bastion of fair reporting. You need to understand that when the ABC includes it in their news bulletins it pretty well has permeated to the working class.
The Tony Delroy's Nightlife on the ABC features Julia'Pinnochio'Gillard 'would she make a good Prime Minister story'. Stay tuned Monty the best is yet to come my friend!

Joe Turner said...

Well, I have to get out my 'anger' and disappointment over this Queensland Hot Water System Program.

What a farce this Queensland HWS was. Took 7 months to get DD form back to me to sign. Then they canned the program.

This program was so ineffective and SO poorly managed. So badly managed I wonder if it was done on purpose! Like I say, where there is a will, there is a way.

I am a green member and I very much dislike the support Greens have for a party that can produce such a fine stuff up.

I should have seen this one coming.

If other people have been duped by this 'program' express your dismay.

Joe Turner

P.S. Love

The Shark said...

My Dear Lady MacBeth, seeing as you know so much about politics and spivs, maybe you would like to inform us all why the former Member for Leichhardt's Dodgy Brothers Constructions continues to get sin-binned by ASIC for regularly breaking stock exchange laws.

I see that Dodgy Brothers Constructions' losses this quarter are even higher than last quarter's. With all your inside knowledge maybe you can explain where all the money is going, because Rotten Stench has and never will.

While you are giving us the benefit of your inside knowledge, you could also offer some comfort to all the tradies Rotten Stench has dudded by telling us when Dodgy Brothers is going to pay them.

Rotten Stench is a director of Dodgy Brothers. It's time he stood up and explained what is going on.

Monty of Mooroobool said...

I agree wholeheartedly Lady M. Why only this morning the other half of the Abbott and Costello comedy team informed the world what a twat he thought Abbott was. Obviously a bit miffed now he has teamed up with slapstick Barnaby. And he isn't the only one by the sound of it. You can hear the knives being sharpened yet again in true Liberal style. Yep LM, the best is yet to come!

Lady Macbeth said...

Am in your fair city of Cairns having a little welcomed cultural fun..My eyes are drawn to all these cars stickers...'Smart state, dumb Government'

My fellow actors tell me. "Imagine what the ALP would have said if this fiasco happened under a LNP Government."

Winds of change are on the horizon. The gathering storm clouds will wash clean and a new dawn will follow.

Smithfield Sam said...

I too ran thru all the paperwork hurdles for the solar hot water program. Contacted Wettenhall's office numerous times, and all they did was give me bullshit excuses.

KRudd has to go.
Bligh has to go.

Will Qld voters remember when it's time, or sheeplike continue to vote for these losers?

Trinity Beach Tony said...

Why would anyone take cyclone advice from a guy selling ten year old computer technology? Carl Butcher is a sad case, he should just pack it in.

Unknown said...

Can we atleast keep the comments on topic? This is about a freakn cyclone not political bullshit.

UKMET have tracked it pretty well, ive been following

my gut feeling is a crossing between Cooktown and Cardwell - not as far south as some media are currently saying

Lady Macbeth said...

To all Blogers wanting to read more of my unbiased political insight, bear with me while I have my day time nap. Us actors do work hard for a living. Unlike Ruddy and Blight though, I will keep my promise and get back to you. Hang ten!!

sick of them hiding said...

Mark I Thought the blog was BIT staionery and needed a gust of wind just like ULUI.
So I diverted you all.
I thought it made you all work up a bit of wind .
It appears I did create a whirlwind of opinion. hhaaaaaaa

Carl Butcher said...

Trinity Beach Tony do I know you?

Can you please also point out this supposed 10 year old computer technology you speak of? Because last time I checked all the computers I sell are brand new.

At least have the courage to come out from behind your anonymous shell and talk to me instead of making off the cuff remarks about myself and my profession.

As for cyclones. I'm a weather enthusiast. My comments were made as someone who follows these events and has an interest in weather patterns. I'm not a meteorologist by any stretch of the imagination. My comment that Mike quoted was made about a week ago while Ului was still east of 160E. As you can now see, due to the unpredictable nature of cyclones we'll probably see a category 3 cyclone crossing the coast rather than a cat 5.

Lady Macbeth said...

Lady Macbeth is back and she cites,

'Look like the innocent flower,
But be the serpent under it.'

That was the advice I gave to Macbeth, but alas he ignored me at his peril.

Ah Monty, your mentor, Abbott has his measure and did you seem him squerm today as Abbott tore him to thread. Julia'Pinnochio'Gillard could not hold her delight in check, her smuggness even would scare those Witchesthat haunt my Macbeth.

And what about Anthony'Cheezie'Albanese, wasn't his best day out today...a miss calculation of parliamentary tactics gave Abbott the puglist that he was/is the chance to deliver a few jabs to Rudds ribs and a few uppercuts to his glass jaw.

Now Monty, you quiz me on local affairs and you seek wisdom from Lady Macbeth. Please tell me more as you musn't forget I am not familiar with local micro matters, as I have bigger fish to fry!

M of M said...

I personally have nothing against dogs LM but if Abbott is on your puglist - so be it. Your private school education has let you down?
Let's see if the Libs can scratch up an effective health policy in the next few days. Abbott couldn't do it when he was Health Minister.

Clifton Ratbags Rule said...

ULUI is now Cat 2.

So much for Carlos Butcher and his "weather report".

Lady Macbeth said...

M of M, me thinks you may have had to many M&M's and they are making you light headed. Do back to your slumber.

Abbott forms part of the Opposition and is not the Government, well not yet. It is not for Oppositions mid term to develop policies. Their job is to oppose and to keep Rudd honest.

How can Rudd ask for the people's trust and run a health scheme when he cant event put pink bats in the ceiling without the houses burning down!

Rudd alias Dr Death, when he was Goss's Chief of Staff closed down countless country hospitals and disbanded the Hospital Boards that he now wants to reinstate and call them...wait for it, Networks.

Ripped up hundreds of kilometers of railway tracks. Goss was turfed out the following election just like the Dudd will meet his faith this election... and the witches have yet to put a spell on him!!

Carl Butcher said...

To Clifton Ratbags Rule.

I revised my prediction in a comment above yours.

To re-iterate: "My comment that Mike quoted was made about a week ago while Ului was still east of 160E. As you can now see, due to the unpredictable nature of cyclones we'll probably see a category 3 cyclone crossing the coast rather than a cat 5."

Tropical Cyclone Ului crossed as a category 3 system at Airlie Beach at around 1am EST 21/03/2010.

Anonymous said...

mark long time weather watcher and cyclone predictor well its all over ului certainly packed a punch i sat up to 3.00 am sun morn listening to the roar ,rain and snapping branches of trees im so glad my prediction of a high cat 4 didn’t happen the highest recorded gust was on Hamilton was 202 ks an hour. There is a good chance of a cyclone in April in the Gulf of Carpentaria it will be the last cyclone for the qld coast for 2010 I will keep you updated when the time gets closer