Thursday 4 March 2010

Sydnude Opera House

World renown mass naked photographer, Spencer Tunick arrived in Sydney this week, and this was the result, on the steps of the Opera House.

He called this one "The Base" and also did a second shot inside the Opera House. Around 5,200 took part.

"A body is a living entity. It represents life, freedom, sensuality, and it is a mechanism to carry out our thoughts. A body is always beautiful to me. It depends on the individual work and what I do with it and what kind of idea lies behind it — if age matters or not,” Spencer Tunick says.


Jake Boyle said...

My father and some of his neighbours braved the cold autumn morning - no idea where they are in the sea of flesh though.

Clinton Vollmerhausen said...

trust you to comment about the nude photo in sydney .. LOL

Bryan Outlaw said...

Sydneysiders are such suckers for press manipulation. A couple days before this "event", the promoter/photographer sent out press releases and did interviews saying "he believes Australians are prudes and won't show up for this photographic event". Like the sheep they are, Sydneysiders, horrified that anyone could think they are prudes, got their kit off and dutifully showed up for this nonsense.