Thursday 4 March 2010

Happy birthday to a decomposing composer - Vivaldi

Today is Vivaldi's birthday, born on 4th March, 1678.

Hat Tip: Brad Martin


Jase the Ace said...

a far nicer way to say 'bucolic' and one of my very favourites.
This is a nice alternate style:
Concerto "Alla rustica"; A. Vivaldi; OML Junior

Arthur Festerbestertester said...

call me curious, but can anyone explain why there is a painting of the spanish royal family by a spanish painter illustrating an italian concerto?

chris forsberg said...

from chris forsberg

VIVALDI huh ? Mike, this one would go over well at Arona,which
lilts to the sound of classical music.....indeed, their collective
love of 'the classics' is what got
'em hooked on community radio.

I like Vivaldi's Four Seasons - but
I like Frankie Valli's Four Seasons
more so - and you could argue that
both acts were saying the same
thing: "Big Girls Don't Cry"(Winter);
'Walk Like a Man'(Spring);'Oh What A Night - Late December1962)'(Summer); and 'Silence is
Golden (Autumn).

"My Music - Your Music" - WHERE have I heard that before ?

chris forsberg

M H said...

thanks for the Vivaldi. Did you know he was called the "red Priest" dfue to his clothimng and colouring, but also spent most of his composing life living in aseminary for " young ladies" He was surely luckier than Ludwig Von B

89 and a bit said...

Hell MH! Young ladies seminary.. Vivaldi=Champion! I've always seen him as the Classics version of Barry White.

And you won't hear any of him (B White) and his radical music from the 'Dark Side' Chris Forsberg on nicely sanitised 4Cairns Creepy Radio where business goes on as usual.