Wednesday 10 March 2010

Another march for Douglas de-amalgamation on Sunday

Shadow Minister for Local Government, the Hon Howard Hobbs MP, will be one of the main speakers at a march this Sunday who will outline the LNP's plans for re-instating Douglas Shire as a separate Council.

The march will start start at midday from the Port Douglas Community Hall.

Former Unity Council candidate Bill Phillips Turner will also address the rally, along with Hazel Douglas, former Douglas Mayor Mike Berwick, John Anich, and Michael Gabour.

Douglas resident Kim Hurley says it has been two years since the State Government dissolved the Shire and forced amalgamation on the region.

"They forcibly amalgamated our self-governing, culturally rich, unique community with Cairns City to form the Cairns Regional Council. Amalgamation highlighted just how different we are - and remain," says Kim Hurley. "Loss of water quality, 20-40% rate increases, loss of jobs, unresponsive government and much more."

Chlorine was added to the Douglas water supply, a move that outraged many locals, saying theirs was "some of the freshest water in the world."

The Friends of Douglas Shire recently commissioned an internationally-acclaimed water scientist Professor Don Bursill, to assess the local water supply. Many claim that Bursill's report proved the arguments against amalgamation.

"Bursill's report has shed light on the anomalies in the arguments we have been presented with to justify chlorination of our water and his suggestions for the way forward, meet best practice in water management," says Robert Hanan of the Friends of Douglas Shire.

Cairns Regional Council's water manager Bruce Gardiner will now engage Prof Don Bursill and providing advise about the state of the Douglas water supply.

"He [Prof Don Bursill] has given us the knowledge we lacked and the hope we sorely needed," Robert Hanan says. "He will continue to provide advice to the community on this issue. Thanks are also due in no small measure to Julia Leu, Mike Berwick and Michael Gabour for their persistence and determined guardianship of one of Douglas's great assets."

"Bring the kids, bring the dog, bring your friends, bring a brolly this Sunday," Robert Hanan says. "There will be a sausage sizzle and music to entertain all ages."


Neil Smallcombe said...

I wonder if Jason'Red Wine'O'Brien, has got the guts to address the protest march?

Bazza said...

Why would anybody with a sense of community want to go to LNP promotion disguised as de-amalgamation. This is just a dress up for entsch, you will hear all the crap and everything will be blamed on the stimulus package and of the one I'm sick of hearing about is the insulation brought about by shonky installers, they are the ones who did not comply, even the right wing anti gov campaigners at palm cove are trying this on re the public housing.
Give it away you mob, none of you did anything for Australian community when you were in gov, ONLY TOOK, and gave it to your mates in business.

LNPer said...

Even if Jason addressed the meeting, I doubt that your crowd would want to listen to him or anyone else who mayhave an opinion differing from the one that you are postulating.

Neil Smallcombe said...

Bazza your Bazzuca knows no bounds. You obviously are not innoculated against the ALP propaganda. You are if anything well briefed on delivering a red herring distraction. Encouraging though, that while you musings are a meek distraction, the Bligh Government and the chief organ grinder Rudd days are numbered.
Rudd's mates in business are reaping their rewards thank you very much, TV moguls are been rewarded via licence fees refund, disgraced ALP apprachick Mike Kaiser rewarded with $350,000 annual golden shake..moral of the story break the law and as long as you are an ALP dude you will be rewarded. Joel Fitzgibbon ex ALP Minister enticed with Chiinese gifts. Dear Bazza, do you wish me to keep going...?

Smithfield Sam said...

The people of former Douglas shire don't deserve to have their local government back.

It was corrupt, it was dysfunctional, and it was populated by hillbillies and ex-hippie wackjobs.

And the people in Douglas still voted for Anna Bligh, knowing full well that this was a Labor-caused problem.

Get over it, Port!

Jane Hipsworth said...

Well, well and where was our wonder boy Jason, Deputy Speaker of the Quuensland Parliament on Sunday. No show! I was there, but he was not. Probably under strict instructions not to show his face. I bet you he will be in Port Douglas next election imploring their vote. I hope he gets his just deserves when he is sent to eat grass!!