Thursday 4 February 2010

Council's community annual report costs $42,236

The total cost of Cairns Regional Council's community annual report was $42,236.

This includes $13,565 for distribution through Australia Post. The printing costs were $26,196 and design another $2,475.

Chief Executive Officer Lyn Russell disclosed the costs to CairnsBlog, after initially not receiving my request in December.

"I'm glad that your emails are now coming to the correct address," Lyn said. I wonder if Noel Briggs is still using his old password?

She says that two versions were produced.

"The statutory version, which is sent as required to the State Government and was placed on our website; and the residents' Report to the People version, which was distributed to every household in the local government area," Lyn Russell says.

55,823 households received the printed copy, and 4,200 copies were distributed through libraries and customer service outlets across the region.

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Unknown said...

Why not print half and leave them at Pubs..IGA's etc.. see what the take up is and over a period of time see how many are actually needed for next report and so on...My guess is a few hundred read it..that works out to be a very expensive reader per copy does it not?