Friday 28 September 2012

Questions need to be answered about Cairns MP Gavin King's secret email

The leaked email leaked from Cairns Regional Council by Cairns MP Gavin King, still has a number of glaring questions unanswered.

The confidential email that Gavin King sent to to Mayor Bob Manning and his Deputy Terry James, was a deliberate attempt to hide the agenda of City Place redevelopment without any involvement from the community.

King was communicating about official business from his Parliamentary email address, yet deliberately chose to send it not to Council, but to Manning's and James' private home email accounts.   Why?

This was no mistake, but a concerted and deliberate action to hide dialogue about an important debate at the heart of our city.

What other emails has Gavin King sent secretly to Councillors and the Mayor since being elected to serve and represent the people of Cairns?

With today's announcement that King, and with Federal MP Entsch and Councillors will meet to sort the mess out around City Place and their priorities, the email from King that exposed LNPs agenda for Cairns' CBD, showed a real desire to exclude the people and any consultation with the community.


Bryan Law said...

I talked with Anthony Mirotsis yesterday about City Place, and about the "leadership meeting" Daniel Strudwick refers to.

While the danger is that folk will decide to do "something" (anything) quickly, the opportunity is to solve some problems, and take initiatives that are of a higher order.

Mirotsis says he wants a "loop bus" service in the CBD, and acknowledges that traffic concerns are NOT primary.

That makes Gavin King, Bob Manning, and Anthony Mirotsis so far who support a CBD "loop bus" service in principle.... without any of them seeming to know how it can be made to happen.

A discredited, mediocre plan from Queensland Transport still makes the running because it was universally supported by the three tiers of Labor government in 2009.

The challenge for us citizens is how to break through institutional inertia and assist our "leaders" to do better in meeting aspirations (as distinct from pumping out spin).

k.nevill said...

You have no hope bryan with "leaders" of the calibre of King and Manning
One is just a doddering old fool and the other who was repeatedly harping on about transparency who now sends secret emails,withholds the report on dredging and has done absolutely nothing to ensure that we get a fair shake from the Brisbane centric LNP government.
You backed both of them, so you are just as bad a judge as Mckenzie who is a raving looney like his mate Allan Jones.
Crawl back into your hole Law where you belong.

Bryan Law said...

k. nevill hmmm, not in the phone book, no-one I know. I'll be sure to pay a really huge amount of attention to your opinion "K". Are you Brian McCarty?