Wednesday 19 September 2012

Cairns Council will act on CBD transit plan, rebuffing Queensland State Government

Cairns Regional Council is shirking the Queensland Government, accusing that it has failed to adequately fund and commit to the Lake Street Transit upgrade.

"I'm really disappointed Cairns MP Gavin King and his capitulation on the CBD," Councillor Richie Bates said today. "There was plenty of good news ahead and Council is ready to fix Lake Street's issues."

"Despite the failure of the State Government to fund and carry out their transport infrastructure obligations, Council is prepared to get the job done."

Bates says that the redirection of over $30 million in funding from the CBD into the Bruce Highway as another example of the neglect that the economically-depressed city is feeling at the hands of the new LNP government.

"Yesterday's assault on a Lake Street Sunbus driver emphasises the importance and urgency of fixing the City Centre and it's transport issues," Richie Bates says. "Adequate consultation with all the stakeholders will be will be a key component of the Council-driven project as it moves forward."

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Wendy said...

Richie, consultation has been an issue. Limited consultation was persued with the consultancy company dictating what they thought should happen in City Place.
Most of that plan was totally acceptable, greening of Shield St up to Cairns Central, Grafton St onto Warf St, leading back to the Esplanade.
With City Place being retained as a pedestrian mall this tied all the axis of the city together in a pedestrian friendly manner.
Very little parking was effected in this plan and with the new car park at the southern end of Grafton St was not an issue of the overall CBD Development.
Various bus routes have been suggested as an alternative to Lake St.
With the wait period of idling buses now being moved away from the Lake St the polution from this is no longer an issue.
If the CRC can find additional unecessary funds for uneeded feasability studies on a theatre perhaps the CRC can find funds to follow through with the beautification of the whole city centre rather than do band aid jobs on one area.